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Born and raised in Berlin. Study of Art and Photography, Co-founder of Bonanza Coffee, legendary Specialty Coffee Shop and Roastery. While building the company from the ground and spearheading the specialty coffee scene in Germany, I was a Barista, Barista Trainer, Roaster, Shop Manager, Wholesale Manager, the Press and Marketing Department, Customer Service, Book Keeper, Delivery Service, Cleaning Lady and CEO,  in my free time I would be judging at coffee events, hold speeches, do podcasts, be a Cup of Excellence trainee judge and become a Q-grader.  After 12 years of this busy life I came to realise that I couldn´t grow in the role I had in the business and how far I was off my path to help people thrive. I took a year to educate myself in Business, Marketing, Training and came to be a Life-Business Coach. I wrote the  book “The Coffee Shop Manifest”, what is meant as a guide for coffee shop entrepreneurs and started my Coaching business. I love to help my colleagues to thrive and reach their full potential. I want to be the coach to them I wished I had, saving them detours, time and resources along the way. I want them to grow beyond their current beliefs to do what they are best at:

Making their customers happy!

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