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Telework employees will be evaluated in the same manner as non-Telework employees. Telework days are scheduled in advance and may be changed only with prior approval. Ad hoc telework is performed on an occasional, one-time, or irregular basis and is usually driven by the situation (e.g. Many businesses have had to act quickly in response to the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telework participation must be added to the employee’s Performance Plan, if applicable, as part of the annual Performance Eval uation process. on certain days of the week or under specific circumstances). Get the Info. Once it is determined that the request can be approved, it is time to document the telework agreement. Contingency planning for any meetings or other “in-person” work the employee was scheduled for the day(s) the employee needs to telework. This information provides guidelines to working conditions for McGill's non-academic, non-unionized employees. Location & Directions Contact your supervisor or ORC professional and classified staff may be eligible to request to telework … Here are five legal pitfalls you’ll want to look out for when drafting a remote work policy. Note: the following policies and procedures are only applicable to staff within the College of the Environment Dean’s Office. Telework should serve a clearly defined work purpose aligned with Dean’s Office goals and objectives. With a thoughtful plan in place, telework can benefit not only the employee but also the supervisor, the team and the University in general. COVID-19 Telework Resources The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that teleworking is one of the most effective ways employers can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Military and civilian managers and supervisors as well as employees should familiarize themselves with telework policy and other relevant procedures to ensure that they are in compliance with their requirements. In deciding approval, the supervisor should consider the frequency of the employee’s occasional telework requests, the success of meeting any prior telework goals and objectives, the details included in the specific request, and the employee’s performance. Types of Telework. For information on general liability insurance issues relating to telework, contact Risk Services. Individual Federal employees should direct inquiries to their agency telework coordinator and/or Human Resources Office to obtain employing agency DETO Policy guidance. Telecommuting is not available for all employees. Welcome to UW Finance. Refer to the Infant at Work Policy (Chapter 31 of the Human Resource Desk Manual) and local HR Consultant regarding the Infant at Work Program telework option. Your agency Human Resources (HR) group is ready to provide guidance, consultation, and technical assistance to support expanded use of telework in your organization, please contact your agency’s HR group for support. Regular telework: Regular telework arrangements are for ongoing telework and must be supported by a written agreement that specifies the requirements and details of the arrangement. It is important to clearly communicate to all employees that teleworkers are selected on the basis of their job functions and their work performance characteristics. are questioning telework in the design process and push them to give ideas on how it could work — not, just why it won’t be easy. Sign the . Generally, the Dean’s Office will not subsidize telecommuting arrangements, including any telecommunications charges or hardware/software expenses beyond standard computer hardware/software provided to employees as a function of their position on campus. Please refer to the Department Telework Plan (May 10, 2018) for the Department-wide telework policy. For resources and information related to telework explore the site using the navigations above. Employees should email their request to telework to their direct supervisor as soon as the need is known, and include the following details: Approval process: Supervisors respond to the employee’s email to document approval. This form can be adapted to unit requirements as necessary. Telework is defined as an alternative workplace arrangement which provides employees the opportunity to work at a place other than their regularly assigned work location. The TMO, who is designated within the Office of Human Resources, assumes the duty of gathering information on Telework from various internal sources and reporting findings to OPM. The TMO's duties extend beyond the operational day-to-day aspects of Telework, including policy development and advising management of the Department's entire Telework program. https://www.hhs.gov/about/agencies/asa/ohr/hr-library/990-1-2/index.html These include: Effective Date: March 9, 2020 For additional information regarding DETO guidance from the U.S. Department of State, Executive Branch Federal agency representatives should send an email to DETOPolicy@State.gov. The employee will supply any additional hardware and any specialized software required for remote work, and will be responsible for peripheral equipment repair and maintenance. ... accommodation process. Renewal of regular telework agreements will be considered prior to the expiration and should be documented with an updated University HR Telework Plan and Agreement Form, and a copy should be provided to the Dean’s Office Human Resources team. This document is intended to help agency leadership and management determine which roles and employees are well-suited for regular or occasional telework (i.e. Telework should serve a clearly defined work purpose aligned with Dean’s Office goals and objectives. The following checklist is designed to assess the overall safety of an alternative worksite. Either an employee or a supervisor can suggest telecommuting as a possible work arrangement. Regular and recurring telework includes at least one (1) day each pay period in a telework status. Just another University of Washington Human Resources site. Dress appropriately (if video conferencing) — Dressing for success is no less important for remote interviews. The supervisor must also determine that the teleworking arrangement conforms with applicable regulations, policies, and collective bargaining agreements. As described in the University HR Telework policy and process guidelines, there are two common types of telework, “Occasional” telework and “Regular” telework. Sign the . UMGC Policy on the Human Resources Management Program. 4. Telework is a win-win for the employer and the employee! UW Finance helps people who change the world through collaboration, consultation and financial stewardship. The first thing any employer needs to consider when deciding on a remote work policy is whether the employees' attitudes, work ethics and personalities align with the company's expectations of telecommuting. Manual Chapter 2300-600-1 NIH Telework Policy; Manual Chapter 2810 NIH Remote Access Policy; HHS Instructions 990-1.2 HHS Telework Policy; OPM Telework.gov; OPM Guide to Telework; OPM Washington, DC, Area Dismissal and Closure Procedures with Telework Responsibilities ), the employee’s readiness for telework, ability to manage the challenges and to work productively, and general performance, the impact on other university employees and operations. It is the policy of the agency that teleworking is a business practice that provides benefits to WSDOT, its employees, the economy and the environment. A: Under the current statewide model policy, it is up to each state entity to determine whether or not they will provide reimbursement for telework related expenses when they implement their departmental telework policy. Monday - Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm. Telework is an important step forward towards better family friendly conditions of employment. Need more information? Creating an airtight policy. The answer depends. When the telework site is in the home, workers’ compensation does not cover injuries that are not job related. Definition: Telework that is not regular or recurring. Typically of short duration (one to three days). These are created when Minnesota Management and Budget determines that statewide standards outside the scope of Administrative Procedures need to be established and memorialized. Key Points. 2019 Status of Telework in the Federal Government Report Released. VII-1.01-GC. Implementation of Category Rating Procedures (PDF) U.S. Department of Justice … Elaine Rabelo Neiva E-mail address: elaine_neiva@uol.com.br Universidade de Brasília - UnB Brasília, DF, Brazil. University of Washington Human Resources University of Washington Human Resources Home ... Total compensation statements bring visibility to the value of UW employee benefits and time off policies. Telework evaluation process Telework-related policies and practices University policy permits employees to telework when approved by the employee’s supervisor or other designated official. Nothing in this policy nor these procedures should be construed to contradict the University HR Telework policy and process guidelines. At a minimum, the agreement should define: Note: Consider reviewing the effectiveness of telework arrangements during the performance evaluation process. Employees are expected to follow best practices with respect to data privacy and security, regardless of work location or device/hardware used. Occasional telework may be used when an employee: Note: Employees who are unable to work at their regular location due to their own or family member’s illness or injury should generally use sick time off for this purpose. Telework Managing Officer & Coordinator Manager Employee. Topics to be covered are frequency, hours, location, work schedule, suitable space and ergonomics, and what work they will do while teleworking (e.g., normal job duties, special project work, etc.) University policy permits employees to telework when the employee’s supervisor (or other designated official) evaluates the telework request and/or Telework Plan and Agreement form and approves it. We strive to be a dynamic oganization that anticipates emerging needs and delivers exceptional service anywhere, anytime. We strive to be a dynamic oganization that anticipates emerging needs and delivers exceptional service anywhere, anytime. UMGC Policy on Recruitment, Selection, and Probation. Employee Relations. Approval process: Approval of all regular telework requests is at the discretion of the supervisor. A supervisor should establish a review period after which a decision can be made about ongoing telework. 2-2. AF Form 4433, US Air Force Unclassified. University of Washington Human Resources. The framework guides Treasury Board ministers in their role as financial and human resources managers, set out in section 7 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA). As noted on the University HR Telework Plan and Agreement Form, telework arrangements can be ended by either the employee or supervisor with five days’ notice, unless a collective bargaining agreement states otherwise. Employees and supervisors should discuss actual work accomplished at a later point and document any need to claim time off for hours offsite and unable to work. The email should contain the following details: Approval process: Approval or denial is documented in the supervisor’s response to the employee’s emailed request. These would be determined on a case- by-case basis in consultation with the employee’s supervisor. Each telework arrangement is unique depending on the needs of the Human Resource policies cover staffing, workforce relations, pay, classification, leave, and employee benefits. The telework agreement should require that the employee immediately report any damage to University equipment. Send the signed DD Form 2946 to supervisor for signature. Each telework arrangement is unique depending on the needs of the position, supervisor, and employee. The work employees do while teleworking remains subject to University and other applicable regulations including the Washington State Public Records Act. Immediately report any loss of equipment or potential data breach immediately to your supervisor as well as. With the evolution of information technology certain work that is usually performed at the employer’s premises, can now be carried out away from those premises on a regular basis. Extensions/changes: If the need for telework extends beyond three days, follow the procedures for Regular Telework as documented above. Definition: Telework that is unplanned, beyond the employee’s control, and occurs on short notice. Implementing Instructions for Federal Responses to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking (PDF) Employment. State Government Human Resource Management State HR Policies, Rules and Laws Teleworking allows team members to work from home, on the road or in a … Together We Will. Examples include inclement weather, school or care facility closures, or suspended operations. Review information about equipment insurance. Approval of all occasional telework requests is at the discretion of the supervisor. Supervisors should work with the employee to evaluate their request to telework, considering business needs of the unit, communication, and impact of remote work on other team members. © 2020 University of Washington | Seattle, WA, University of Washington Human Resources Home, HR Benefits, Analytics & Information Systems, Professional & Organizational Development, Child care at UW Medical Center – Northwest, Nannies, after-school programs and assistance programs, Specialized home loans & down-payment assistance, Homebuyer education and home loan discounts, Priority access rentals & affordable housing near UW campuses, Professional staff temporary position (PSTP), Has a personal need at home, such as meeting a service technician that cannot be done outside business hours, Has a temporary workplace disruption, such as office remodeling or inclement weather, Has other circumstances approved by the supervisor, Accomplish job duties with minimal supervision, Communicate effectively with clients, stakeholders, and team members, A work schedule that specifies telework days, location and hours, Required methods of communication specific to telework (e.g. Not only will sound work-from-home policies keep employees on track while working offsite, but they’ll help avoid potential legal problems that can arise from remote work. Contact Claim Services for information regarding coverage. Requests for unanticipated telework beyond one day requires prior approval. Welcome to UW Finance. Both types require approval from a supervisor before commencement. These are created when Minnesota Management and Budget determines that statewide standards outside the scope of Administrative Procedures need to be established and memorialized. Search Results; Telework policy and process. Both supervisors and employees must understand and comply with the following policies: Reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that University property is used in compliance with APS 47.2, Personal use of University Facilities, Computers, and Equipment by University Employees. HR/LR Policies are formal statements of principles issued by Enterprise Human Resources or Labor Relations which address topics of importance. Being able to work from home sounds like a nice companywide perk in theory, but not everyone can be productive when the boss isn't down the hall to check up on them.\"Managers should accommodate on a case-by-case basis … Telework Policy and Contact Information. Per the State of Washington Human Resources, yes. Changes and renewal process: Changes to a regular telework plan can be made at any time throughout the cycle, but employee-proposed changes are subject to supervisor approval. The supervisor, with Human Resource Services guidance, shall ensure terms and conditions of employment remain the same. With a thoughtful plan in place, telework can benefit not only the employee but also the supervisor, the team and the University in general. University equipment and resources located at an alternate worksite are not automatically insured. D Telework Agreement. Employees who work out of state or out of the country in one location for more than 30 days need workers’ compensation coverage specific to that location. Approval must be documented, which can be done by email. Click here for guidance on HR flexibilities and authorities related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The Dean’s Office recognizes “Unanticipated” telework as a third type of telework that may occur without prior approval for limited durations and only in the circumstances described below. The security and confidentiality of University records must also be maintained. If you have employees who are now working from home, a policy specific to this public health emergency may address the following areas: Utilize collaboration tools and videoconferencing When evaluating the request, the supervisor must determine that the employee can effectively perform the job duties of the position while teleworking. Some key communication and connectivity practices to discuss are how to forward office phones to an alternate phone, check voice mail remotely, use Husky OnNet and other software. University of Washington Human Resources. Telework Plan and Agreement Form This document is intended to ensure that both the supervisor and the employee have a clear, shared understanding of the employee’s telework arrangement. Test your technology(s). 2. Search the University of Washington's Institution-wide policies, orders, and rules or choose a Resource in the right column to go directly to its Table of Contents. Employees must be in a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) position. The University recognizes two general types of telework arrangements: Occasional telework: Occasional telework requests are approved on a case-by-case basis, are infrequent, and are not regularly scheduled. Proclamation 20-46.2; Proclamation 20-46.1; Proclamation 20-46 Teleworking eligibility and application process are outlined in the accompanying teleworking procedure. The content of the agreement should follow the general provisions of the Telework Plan and Agreement (MS Word). Some employees may be better prepared than others to manage the unique requirements of teleworking. The intent of this guidance on telework and dependent care is to provide Federal agencies with the appropriate tools to serve a contemporary workforce in a manner that meets the needs of employees while being responsive to agency mission requirements. 3. Employees should also attest that they have a suitable alternate location for conducting telework. Telework arrangements do not change salary, benefits, job responsibilities, leave policies, or other terms of employment. Supervisors should consider: The supervisor documents approval on the submitted Telework Plan and Agreement Form and provides a copy to Dean’s Office Human Resources Manager for placement in the employee’s personnel file. This page provides access to McGill's personnel policies and procedures. This page describes the expectations around telework/remote work and procedures for Dean’s Office staff employees to request permission to participate in telework. Some employees may not be eligible due to specific job requirements, impact on a team, or performance concerns. You can work with your telework coordinator to fully understand the relevant policies and procedures. When evaluating the request, the supervisor must determine that the employee can effectively perform the job duties of the position while flexworking. Created and administered by human resources within the finance and administration department, the policy provides both high level direction to managers regarding policy implementation, and detailed information for Agency telework policies establish the basic guidelines for telework eligibility and the application process. Supervisors must determine the feasibility of a proposed telework arrangement before approving it. POLICY A. This policy affirmatively rescinds and replaces Department of Human Resources Policy 14-001 (Telework). Approval Process Request procedures: In these circumstances, telework for non-essential employees is allowed for one day without prior approval from a supervisor. OPDIVs and … Skype, phone), Circumstances requiring on-site attendance. hands-on training). Develop a plan today for how you can support your staff while they telework. V. Employee compensation and benefits (including leave and holidays) are not affected by the Telework arrangement. The intent of the Proclamation is to give employees control over how best to remain safe. of Pediatrics Human Resources Telework Guidelines 2019 OCT 24 Telework Plan and Agreement Form This document is intended to ensure that both the supervisor and the employee have a clear, shared understanding of the employee’s telework arrangement. Telework Guide and Resources View More San Mateo County Departments are encouraged to review their operations, if appropriate, and establish a formal telework program for their department, as successful telework programs are tailored to the environment in which they operate. Typically, the telework arrangement is initiated by an employee’s request (although it can be a condition of employment). Sample Office Policy Template; Tips for Managing a Virtual Team; Resources. Lock your computer and other devices when they are unattended. It can also reduce commute trips and address space restrictions. Many legislative jobs can be done remotely if employees have proper equipment.

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