Rosslyn Coffee in Central London was named “One of the best new cafés in the world” by Drift Magazine and by Condé Nast Traveller as the “The best coffee shop in the City of London” and this are just two of the many praises for this little coffee shop in the financial district of London. And actually yes, you will have one of the best coffee shop experiences you can have in Europe. What makes it so special is the thoughtful simplicity of the coffee concept, the clear focus on the customers` experience, the intentionality in every detail, the smooth systems, that make the shop run like clockwork and the exceptional quality of the drinks. The unlikely location for an independent specialty coffeeshop in the middle of the banking district, two blocks from the headquarter of the Financial creates a refreshing contrast to the typical hip areas specialty coffee shops tend to be located. The interior design is not what this place about, but details like the clock that announces it is always coffee time and the current newspaper of the Financial Times hung up for reading, create a strong visual context. The spaces oozes friendliness and humbleness with great on point hospitality and service. You see effortless professionalism, but coffee shop people know it is very hard work. The Rosslyn is very busy (pre Corona), so lines are out the door, but everybody keeps their calm and serves you as fast as they can, turning out perfect drinks every time. Impeccable, perfectly balanced and with beautiful latte art. Regular guests are people from the financial world, the usual specialty coffee crowd and tourists. All walks of life come here and are welcome. The absence of ego, but clever solutions for the customer is what makes this place so loveable. Uncompromising in quality, Rosslyn takes responsibility for the environment and their staff by reducing packaging and paying the living standard wage for London. During Corona time it is noticeable how engaged the Rosslyn team is to help their community with raising donation for free coffee for frontline worker or showing up to serve others. They also could substantially grow their social media presence and online sales channel during the crisis. Their selflessness in service for their customers, community, team members and industry is extraordinary and shows that a coffee shop can be so much more. Rosslyn is a coffee brand and their collaborations in coffee, chocolate, milk and ice cream show their creativity and potential for growth. They created some true coffeeshop magic at 78 Queen Victoria Street, London, UK.



La Marzocco KB90 (replaced by world´s first custom 4 group La Marzocco KB90)

Nuova Simonelli Mythos One grinders

BUNN batch brewer

Marco SP9


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