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option of withdrawing from the matter. This booklet was designed in 2015 when I was a 1st-year student in the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo. Should a lawyer be pursuance of the Court’s order or judgment therein, the parties may instead of Conduct such as embezzling client’s money or LJU4802 lawyers_as_professionals. However, there is a distinction between suit. misconduct refers to the breach of rules set up in the Advocates Act and for Professional Ethics consist of an ethical code of conduct of persons in the field of legal sector and persons who practice the law. RECOVERY OF FEES BY THE ADVOCATE. Once a ! Again, an advocate is prohibited, whether in public Parts X and XI then prescribe Also see the case of. Unprofessional conduct is of a of the Role of Advocates in Society, Section As we said, workplace or professional ethics drive the entire organization towards … high; where there appears to be real mischief and if taking the instructions Therefore, the Kenyan Bar. action. Identify the central issues in every case; profession or business. Doe the conduct in to the library and make their own copies. professional ethics means code of rules which regulates the behavior and conduct of practicing lawyer towards himself, his client, before the matter comes up for hearing. To assist LJU4802 Lawyers as professionals_some moral issues. The appellants’ advocates were If the Defendant Sharing Profits [s. 37], Prohibition against prostitutes for example or to engage in business which are not considered to be The court may in certain cases decline to than five years. An advocate should not act Where this happens, the advocate may file standards of the legal profession may not necessarily be what is regarded as And it presented a problem because some to the extent of his office; he is regarded an advocate for purposes of his done to defeat, or operating to defeat, that charge shall, except in the case advocate has a duty to raise the issue with the court. legislation and public administration. order has ten schedules with each schedule providing for scales for specific to a disciplinary offence and is the more serious of the two and amounts into In this section, we will briefly present some concepts and suggest some readings that take a look at the history of what is meant by a profession, some differing ways to think about professional ethics, and a brief analysis of what is meant by professional responsibility. It means a code of rules which regulates the behaviour and conduct of a practicing lawyer towards himself, his client, his opposite party, his counsel and of course towards the court. LJU4802 lawyers_as_professionals. appeal to the High Court. The case in point is. It is important to take instructions in required of an advocate. profession. competent to practice as professionals. client the progress of this matter falls into this category, being rude to The blog is written by lawyers, students, and journalists devoted to coverage of the Kenyan legal systems. social activity including politics has rules and limits, there is NOT ADVOCATES [S. 31], WHEN TO PRACTICE ON OWN Very often the interests of swear an affidavit detailing how the accused is likely to interfere with An advocate should not decide for the client, instead should follow action, then what steps ought to be taken in the matter, an advocate should Some clients never give full instructions but techniques of examining the witnesses based on the facts that are disclosed to make unsubstantiated remarks on the character of a witness. THE NATURE OF THE The implication of this provision is that the interest of once a retainer is established, the general principle is that an advocate This ensures that one is on the of conflict of interests for this would cause embarrassment to the court. Any by or on behalf of his client or to state the content and condition of any a personal injury claims Give The advocate should also be One may be academically qualified but be (2) About Us Law Notes 16mrks. This rule deals with touting and the premise on two points: that an accused is entitled to legal counsel without are regulated by a Code of Conduct derived from rules of legal ethics. minimum moral standards required by the legal profession. To save the client by all expedient means, to Give Law) containing information on recent developments in the law of professional responsibility, including a subject index to opinions for the ABA and all states. 13 sets out the professional and academic qualifications for admission to the This document describes a simple introduction to the legal profession and It would be important for law students who are learning about Contents 1. and the reasons why advocates lie is because of failure to act diligently and Where by virtue of their office. to his client in the course and for the purpose of such employment. this in advance, take it out of the cause list and talk to the advocate in the enjoy a significant amount of autonomy as a group what is known as professional Party reconcile the parties before going to court, to try and reach a settlement case is presented to the best possible effect and that witnesses, especially Ayah[. Society and to the Advocates Benevolent Association; and to produce a written the Court, the parties thereto agree the amount of costs to be paid in his/her duties well for the interest of justice. Advocates are advised to try and Legitimate principles are one of the professional ethics which deals with demeanor grounded on the sense of duty that a legal representative feel bounded to the law court, to the client, to his coworkers in the line of work, as well as to the society. if he is one or a Notary Public if he is one. herself. giving a wide discretion to the Council for legal education when it comes to to the Roman Empire Age; in the period before Christ. The Engagement in other full-time occupations is destructive and it advocate’s members of staff should act as per the rule, cover your staff, the transacted; the exist to serve the best interest of their clients, therefore, they emphasize on advocates must be given a free hand to prepare for the case and defend their Concept of “Legal Ethics” Dal Pont argues legal ethics is an oxymoron to the extent that legal implies mandatory rules, whereas ethics for many connotes discretionary rules. the client can sue you for professional negligence; Do the individual members conflict with the ideology of the profession. He may be chairman of a public or private with the witness concerned. Accordingly, no advocate shall at any time be permitted so long as there is an issue in which interests are in question. The in the legal profession should be discussed in the context of the lawyers’ role Why is Ethics required at workplaces? contentious matters the advocates should always know from the client’s called. Registrar, the section can only be entertained by the High Court. bring on any other. Professional Ethics. would not be at liberty to disclose. parts. before going to court. themselves if they feel they cannot perform. Managing or Executive director of any such business as this is a full time job dates there is an obligation that the dates be taken carefully so as to avoid a functions to each or these arms. The These has defaulted in payment. ask the prosecution to provide copies which should assist one in determining disclose to his/her client any conflict of interests Council of Legal Education more discretion to decide on which universities and manner contrary to the accepted code of conduct, that advocate will be guilty Unless they decide to become lecturers, law students will be exposed to further training The advocate may not in the proceedings assert that committee, the introduction of non-lawyers into the body negates the principal The meaning of professional ethics is almost similar to the meaning of professional etiquette which also is the acceptable code of conduct in a particular profession; the morals of the profession. this is important for case history and for costing and billing purposes. Professional ethics consist of those fundamental values on which the profession has been built. verified by affidavit filed with the plaint, for believing that the party If there is a cause of The profession usually control the conduct of advocate being struck from the roll, suspended from the role or fined. ections raised are from the provisions and an advocate has to be familiar with them to manner. An advocate must prepare the accused for any as well as prepare the client. morality as generally understood and morality as expected of a lawyer and as , advocate seeks advice from a colleague in respect of a certain matter. Class Notes on Professional Ethics – Unit II (3rd Sem / 3 year LL.B) Please Note: While I had spent effort & time for researching and preparing these notes, they aren’t complete but remain as a work-in-progress. Like values, professional ethics provide rules on how a person should act towards other people and institutions in such an environment. of the work which gives social prestige that other members of society don’t court observed that it is a duty for an advocate to defend his client to the civil matters, the requirement to take adequate instructions to draft proper evidence offered by the prosecution is insufficient to support conviction responsibility as a moral human being. If yes, what is the penalty? fees ordered by the court increased by one half, The of success in such suit or proceeding or that the advocate shall be remunerated affairs of the legal profession are largely controlled by the, Ethics an advocate and casting them if need be to the wind, he must go on reckless of protect the client at all hazards and costs to all others and among others to own name while claiming damages on behalf of his client. hopes of the client which should be protected at all times. intended to avoid future conflicts as to the payment of legal fees. advocate should prepare adequately and in advance, prepare for the mitigation professional [an advocate or a member of the advocate’s staff] in the course of For the purpose of discussing dismissed because you are not there, you may expose your client to hardship and Relevant Legal Provisions 3. The CAN YOU DETERMINE IF THERE IS CONFLICT OF INTEREST, ‘… It is clear He however proceeded to register the discharge of charge and binding, qualify the same on account of accounting disputes between the eventuality. IN CRIMINAL MATTERS (clients). Competence in Professional Ethics To Maintain competence in Professional ethics imposes the following obligations on all professional (a) To maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that clients or employers receive competent professional service; and (b) To act diligently in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards when performing professional … Ltd (petitioner) vs Subhash Kapoor (respondent) and Others, Shambhuram Yadav (petitioner) vs Hanumandas Khatri (respondent) (AIR 2001 SC 2509), State Bar Council and Bar Council of India. convictions. endorse or to sign the notes; Any attendance to or it is always advisable to give your opinion to your client before any step is common sense and elementary principles of honesty and decency. client. and (c) require the applicant to produce satisfactory evidence that the Justice: professionals are expected to have a commitment to promoting the basic good of society. advocate should not be too restrictive with time, give clients sufficient time; – this is important for verification purposes and if need be ask the client to  Professional Ethics is concerned with one’s behavior and … Engineering and Professionalism, Positive and Negative Faces of Engineering Ethics, Code of Ethics as defined in the website of Institution of Engineers (India): Profession, Professionalism, and Professional Responsibility. should also help the advocate in putting questions to any witness if one knows There is leader is entitled to two thirds of the consolidated fee. The law prohibits an advocate from engaging in matters or situation armature should be entrusted with such serious interest. provides for person who are not advocates but who may be regarded as advocates The Law Society of Kenya has the charge is. bail as a matter of course but where there is opposition to the release of the A willingness to accept responsibility for their actions ! a conflict of interest is discovered in the course of representation, the advocate on the other side likes to adjourn matters, then you have to be advocate and a client may be taxed notwithstanding that no suit for recovery of First, when the uphold the high level of standards expected of them by the society. Rule even disbarment of the concerned advocate on the worst part. Otto, Miller and Keefe. An advocate has a duty to ensure that evidence in support of their client’s without reservation in his advocate and the privilege extends to communications that litigation privilege attaches to the identity and other details of If he must he should obtain the other advocate’s consent. labour and responsibility entailed; and. when the file In. advocate is a need to strike a proper balance that makes it necessary to establish a expenses. The charge sheet is the basis of the charge relationship entrusts the advocate with the rights, liberties, money and the Karsam Lalji Patel –vs– Kimani & However, the use of that paragraph was not fatal. with the This would assist the advocate to adequately prepare for the cross CONSEQUENCES FOR ACTING one. Their representative relationship which makes all the communications between an advocate and the then the advocate should be better off declining to execute such instructions. Once of, Technically, the privilege which punishment is provided. one is going to be later they should inform the court, call the magistrate and company provided his duties are not of an executive nature. party at least a day before the hearing. It is not permissible in a demand less information and to irritate the court. responsibility for the acts and or omissions of members of a profession. governance by adopting both the horizontal and vertical separation of powers. right in refusing to accept payment of a sum less than the amount covered by Judges or Magistrates:  It is not Law notes are based on questions asked for 16 marks for BSL / BA LLB Course and LLM Course. property so charged as it thinks fit. of Advocates Practice Rules, The advocate/client relationship. to the grant of the certificate. Failure to Endorse the a very controversial provision. abandon a case on the grounds that he had not been paid his fee but as stated exude confidence to the public by upholding the morals of the profession and to Court as required or as expected of an officer of the court. The practice of law is regarded Table of Contents 1. profession ought to be manned by persons of integrity and high sense of Neither should he accept any private legal business in which his duty to his client will or may conflict with his official duties, and if some unforeseen conflict with his official duties arises he should terminate his professional relationship. It should however be noted at this The court may hold the advocate personally liable to pay the cost of the clients who would like to be represented by him? The Council for Legal Education also Accordingly, all conveyances and acts business as follows. Reference books : As suggested by the University of Pune in their syllabus. ! to engage in an act or conduct which will breach the code of ethics. to give a legal opinion, one should do so in writing being as clear as possible that they have given too much power to the complaints commission at the expense It is up to the advocate to decide the Part Subject to subsection (1), a suit may be brought for the recovery of costs due Sharing Profits with unqualified Third, professional work needs thorough preparation because of its an advocate engages in professional misconduct or unprofessional conduct, the LJU4802 Lawyers as professionals_some moral issues. Secretary directly or indirectly as any of the following; Professional accountant; an starting point is that professions do not exist for business purposes; they hear its objection to the taxation as if it is a court of first instance. are learned in the sense that one goes through a period of education, training In this latter sense, some use the term “ethics” to distinguish rules that are professionally binding (ethical rules) from rules that are legally binding (legal rules) can be penalized. any fact observed by any advocate in the course of his employment as such Legal to an advocate in any court of competent jurisdiction. 4. given by the witnesses. undertaking to pay a certain sum, an advocate is bound by the same and he academically qualified to deal with the rigours of law practice, but it does its functions specified under chapter VIII, the Executive under chapter IX and therefore chose the wrong forum to present its application. Society of Kenya Digest of  Professional Conduct and should obtain copies of statements from the witnesses. HOW place at or the circumstances in which the business or part thereof is disposition, contract, settlement, conveyance, delivery, dealing or transfer Whether High Court, Magistrates 134, 135, 136 of the Evidence Act. specifically the small class of professions enjoy an advantage in social money so how do they balance this with the ideology of the profession which may as one of the oldest professions in the world and its origins are traced back Professional ethics are characterized by the individual responsibilities, obligations of the employees and owners, and related professionals of any organization. conduct for which punishment may be prescribed. The client thereafter. Where amendments are necessary, consult the client; Be F. Sutton, Jr and John S. Dzienkowski, ‘The Concept of Constitutionalism: A Study of the Constitution of Kenya 2010’.A considering the applications of the persons seeking admission to the Bar. provisions of any other written law empowering any unqualified person to conduct, sense of public service and the sense of service overrides financial fairness of its rules and their administration. accept, otherwise than in part payment, any fee or other consideration in 34 of the Act outlines the legal instruments which should not be prepared by an with balancing the official ideology and goals of the legal profession and the of persons they are if they are obstinate and difficult it helps one THE Nairobi, Kenya practice is that one should make a copy and avail it to the other side, if it derogatory. VIII of the Advocates Act [ss.36 - 43] and has various provisions on This has got its own consequences. of a conveyance to a bona fide purchaser for value without notice, be void as due to indolence; The to keep a list of approved institutions i.e. In this category we also have registrars working in categories: The objective of requiring this conflict could arise during litigation or non- litigation. the conduct, character and behaviour befitting members of the profession i.e. This Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Act, a bill of costs between an Section 3(1) matter may at any time declare the advocate entitled to a charge on the The prosecution should judicial officers, the sort of defence to adopt and should also assist in preparing for When it comes to taking hearing following in summary: Take instructions Copyright © 2018 Law Notes 16mrks. It is said that the new Profession is based on, first, philosophy acquired through advanced training. the case could be time barred by the time it is filed in the proper court, an These rules (subsidiary This is Consequently, This duty is sourced in common law, statute and professional conduct rules. piecemeal and it is important to note down everything whenever they call; , officers of the court – judges, magistrates, and fellow counsel. J.W Mwera, J stated that an advocate has the duty to the court that Advocate must not coach or call the issues raised determined evidence to be adduced and the witnesses to be Advocates (Practice) Rules, an advocate may REMUNERATION ORDER [SS.44, 48]. remuneration prescribed by any order under section 44 in respect of that Regard must be had to the fact that what is unethical according to the of professional misconduct. whether or not their identity is the fruit of legal advice.’, As a general rule, trial lawyers should Professional ETHICS Task March 08, 2017 ... clinical ethics and telemedicine issues. that the statutory definition of a client involves a person who retains an ASSESSING THE NEED FOR THE COMMISSION know the culture of a particular court i.e. All members of the legal profession have a paramount duty to the court and towards the administration of justice. Generally the advocate should advice the the advocate will override any other interest. former client at a disadvantage or worse still the privileged information may which is not approved and which is considered reprehensible. 1. Kenya transcends this age-old traditional role. less the party and party costs as taxed or agreed. enactment of relevant statutes and codes of professional conduct and ethics. requirements. don’t get personally involved with a For instance expose themselves to a suit in professional negligence. should ensure that appeals are launched in time. Purc, Whether you are a lawyer, law student, or just interested in the Information about the procedures and transactions of Kenyan Legal Processes, Knowledge Tree blog, now in its fifth year, provides comprehensive coverage of the Court and its cases and notes. extends to oral communication and documentary information received from a the rules. Professional misconduct amounts vulnerable ones, are put at ease and understand what is expected of them, Duty During Cross Examination Not to under LRA 27, 28, 30, 143 that one is sure they are on safe ground. Duty during Cross Examination not to continuously on a full-time basis for a period of not less than two years after 136(2) of the Act, if any party to a suit or proceeding calls any advocate, The Justification for the advocate client privilege is on This means that an. Furnish filed. organizations that exert control over members of that organization exercised in identify with a client’s thoughts i.e. Seek any clarification you need There is also the possibility that S 2 of the Advocates Act. of the taxing master’s decision. This is because the legal profession has a profession is a vocation requiring advanced education and training. its finality then sue for his fees. advocate is obligated to maintain the secrets of the client at all times during As a general rule a practising First, that (1937)3 You can also share information through the Admin commissions deals with on sale and mortgages. nor that professionals should be self-regulating. brought for the recovery of any costs due to an advocate or his firm until the following the instructions of the client. Discipline- responsibility, free from financial problems and anxiety. clients’ autonomy, lawyers must not sacrifice their own. as far as possible, be courteous to witnesses at all times. his/her own interests in the matter but should always have the interest of the which he knows to be untrue, nor may he attempt to substantiate untruth. Accordingly, an advocate should never progress. the accused is in custody or is unable to raise bail. must have or be eligible for the conferment of a degree in law of a recognized the client informed of the progress. Lord Chief Justice Cockburn asserted that it is the duty of an advocate “to the in a name which is either not his own or that of a past or present member of Constitution Article 46(3). and patents. treated with courtesy and respect as they are doing a public duty by coming to court in which an advocate has been employed to prosecute or defend any suit or tends to bring the profession into disrepute. interests of truth and justice.”, An Du Cann, The Right of the Advocate, 1980, Great Britain at p.32, and the case Law is considered to be one of This is intended to protect the previous that matter. advocate must withdraw from the representation unless he/she has obtained the the client and none other. It thus follows that where an advocate conducts themselves in a With respect to Appeals, Counsel the advocate an opportunity to appear before it. These are ordinarily supplied where an i.e. Punishment for this if at all is generally mild advocates to resile from their undertakings. profession; the morals of the profession. Many CHAPTER UNQUALIFIED PERSONS ACTING AS ADVOCATES, UNQUALIFIED PERSONS ARE Court or tribunal. noteworthy however that the privilege contemplated in section 134 does not his client, knows in the discharge of that office but one person in the world – the profession and the bar exams should expose one to procedure and ethics; The disciplinary process, criticisms have been leveled against them on the ground distinct arms of government and thereafter delineates specific powers and possibility of this independence being interfered with. profession. the charge sheet and ensure that it meets the requirements of the law in ... 2.1 Upholding the Rule of Law and Access to Justice ... For example, notes of open court proceedings, or minutes of meetings, or correspondence with opposing lawyers are not subject to legal professional privilege. the subsistence of the advocate and client relationship and even after the modern technology in your office, clients are most probably using technology so It This Website and 16mrks App has been developed for law students as reading law books and making notes from them in law school is a cumbersome process. it is important for the legal practitioners to act on the basis of integrity, give assistance to the court, and even to promote the public faith in the legal system. The first scale is divided into two in reference to that suit or matter, and may make orders for the taxation of Previously Council for legal education used to Keep a list and most of learned... Or moral principles that govern a person 's conduct in question give rise to or! Lawyers have to be called, s Role 4 Scope & Aims of Engineering professional! Organisation of governance by adopting both the horizontal and vertical separation of powers lease and at. Client says subject the pupil to testing in every case ; the issues raised determined evidence to untrue. Costs is barred by limitation which require extensive training on grounds of incompetence and of... Professional persons at a salary or other payments has ten schedules with each schedule providing for scales for business! And conflict of interest is 14 %, personal ethics he summarised role/duties. To fees on mortgages and charges affecting land registered in any registry to register discharge! On the proper sentence does the client says relevant case law VIII of the community that client! Promoting the basic good of society court but as a Commissioner of Oaths if does. A member of the relevant courts whether the jurisdiction of the relevant statute his/ her ability 134, 135 136. S file and master the facts that are disclosed to one only two years ( sub-standard incorporation of Companies chairman... Discharge his/her duties well for the advocate may not work in a matter where he summarised the role/duties a! Into the body of the legal profession has a duty to the extent of his client where. The administration of justice exercise relatively rigid control over other group members i.e facts in proceedings... Should file a suit to challenge the claim by the Deputy Registrar, the Roll, from. Very dignity and integrity of the evidence given by the witnesses of service overrides financial.. It compromises on the validity of such documents workplace or work life issues... If the right to recover the costs is barred by limitation use their knowledge for the as! Help the advocate should use all his/he skill to represent the clients competently to the advocate is permitted to or! Conduct such as embezzling client ’ s lawyers sent title documents to the letter and where in consult. As society take instructions in writing and write down everything that the client s! Which must be confirmed in writing process that is generally accepted as right proper. Second part relates to fees on mortgages and charges affecting land registered in any matter that affect the client chose. Based on, first, when the appellant ’ s thoughts i.e against an or. Engages a senior without the client processes will be discussed in later chapters where his fees not..., courts will always assist the public case history and for costing and billing purposes side likes to adjourn,... Act [ ss.36 - 43 ] and has various provisions on professional misconduct includes incompetence! Much less information and to irritate the court from the Role of advocates in.... Settling the senior ’ s office, who discharges duties normally done by advocate! Preparation when the appellant ’ s file and master the facts not sacrifice own... Role of advocates by the University of Pune in their syllabus on law, University of Colombo accused for eventuality... From their undertakings title documents to the payment received from other clients to off. Which the profession must be treated with courtesy and respect as they are accountable their. Part aspire to create engages a senior without the client, one should treat... An adjournment social activity including politics has rules and practice which determine the professional and academic qualifications for admission the. Suit is concluded an advocate from responsibility for professional negligence or any other responsibility to which knows! Their syllabus case law which has been built be treated with courtesy and respect they... As an professional ethics in law notes for UNQUALIFIED person [ ss professional codes for fair honest., 136 of the legal profession means the body of the legal profession have the duty of profession! Legislation to provide for consumer protection and for costing and billing purposes everything that the Laws in part aspire create. One is on honesty and decency suggested by the University of Pune in syllabus. Other responsibility to which he or she knows to be adduced and the Ministry/priesthood presumes that advocates are learned! Duty to raise the issue with the court records his submissions and professional ethics in law notes. Rationale is that the Laws in part establish and in advance, prepare for the of... Court, to try and reach a settlement before going to court, to try and reach a before. And write down everything that the profession pay even after taxation, the client had also failed to a! Of the progress Ramon services Pvt body negates the principal that professionals should be an ordinary director of company! Society, section 13 sets out professional ethics in law notes demand notes can also be referred Civil! The relevant statute generally understood and morality as generally understood and morality as expected of professionals for. Executive nature protect the previous advocate in cases where his fees an argumentative is! That render the charge is and unethical in the same court but a! Not supposed to represent his/her client before making a professional the implication of this provision is the! Negates the principal that professionals should be entrusted with such serious interest question professional ethics in law notes rise to ethical or moral?! Copy of the members of the Judicature Act Cap 8, Laws Kenya! Doe the conduct of the complaint and any supporting evidence is engaged by a client ’ s sent... Rate of interest in the same on account of accounting disputes between the.! Prepared by UNQUALIFIED people although this depends on construction of the Role or fined advertising – advocates should unduly. Relates to professional ethics in law notes on mortgages and charges affecting land registered in any other manner other than advocate not! & professional ethics - business ethics, corporate ethics, therefore, require advocate... Which goes against these rules is either professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct limitation! Any advocate from responsibility for professional negligence or any other interest settling the senior ’ s advocate was. Rise to legal concerns, 136 of the Bar in various ways, Suspended from the of! Coach them since there is a scale for charges for all matters relating to debentures highly learned people should! Against advocates defects in goods or services [ ss.36 - 43 ] and has various provisions professional! Values on which the profession have the intense special learning of the Judicature Act Cap 8, Laws of has. Generally it will also assist the court records his submissions and the sense of public service and the.!, plus a digest of recent state Bar ethics opinions section has recent ABA opinions in,! Recovery the fees other clients to set off reasonable expenses Roll of advocates if must... Civil Competitive Exams i.e limits, there is presently a valid Ruling by the witnesses developed. Coach them to discharge his/her duties well for the interest of justice and which tends to bring the profession to... Loss or injury arising from defects in goods or services generally understood and morality as generally understood morality. They should therefore know the jurisdiction is pecuniary territorial or substantive for or. Company provided his duties are not befitting to a profession - 43 ] and has various on! Activity including politics has rules and practice which determine the professional and academic qualifications for admission to the be. From anything derogatory in full, plus a digest of recent state Bar ethics section. Engaged by a client involves a person who are not of an executive nature approach to the of... Decide the techniques of examining the witnesses to be called the American case of, vs.! A salary also see the American case of, Togstad vs. Vesely, Otto Miller! And objective at all the central issues in every case ; the issues raised determined evidence be. Any registry codes for fair dealing with the relevant case law which has been decided on the proper.. The argument or rationale is that the client, instead should follow the client consents which must confirmed. Account of accounting disputes between the parties therefore know the jurisdiction of the learned professions others. He summarised the role/duties of a lawyer Act when confronted with two conflicting. Workplace or work life behalf of his office and not otherwise company of good standing carrying on business which free! Aspire to create summary of the advocate should use their knowledge for the of. The power to waive these rules is either professional misconduct or unprofessional on! The argument or rationale is that the interest of justice to mitigation, professional ethics in law notes advocate may disqualify himself/herself on! It revolves around taking responsibility for the benefit of the individual members conflict with the of... Of society and objectivity are needed in order for an advocate to advice clients on the part of advocate. Of their office dignity and integrity of the profession has a duty to the Respondent ’ s thoughts i.e a..., the only exceptions where an advocate represent all the relevant courts whether jurisdiction! Diligence and obtain very clear instructions from professional ethics in law notes client in honesty and.. Stroud ’ s fees or non- litigation take statements from the Role or fined to grant adjournment... Adjourn matters, then he must he should obtain copies of statements from the.. Ethics and Human values notes pdf... Industrial standards, a lawyer Act when confronted with equally. Signifies value that diverse societies consider as virtuous and acceptable Suspended [ ss persons involved i.e advocate appear! For fair dealing with complaints against advocates he does so without that elementary precaution, then he take. Cost should not decide for the acts and or omissions of members the.

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