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That means that the acidic nature of honey can cause burning in the eyes if you put raw honey in your eyes to try to change eye color naturally. So, just sit back, relax and follow whatever is prescribed and allow nature take its course. The reasons why it is highly discouraged to put honey in your eyes can be attributed to the possible dangers and risks you are likely to face. The moment you experience any of these side effects, I highly recommend to stop using the prepared solution. Just be careful and do it right. Also, mix honey and warm water in 1:5 ratios and store this solution in a clean bottle. How often should i drop in my eyes? CNN: Laser procedure can turn brown eyes blueeval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'skincareorg_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',121,'0','0'])); All About Vision: Eye Color: How it Develops; Why Does it Change? The formula is simple to make. Okay, so can you use water from a water bottle? Pro Tip: How will you know if the honey is pure? who among you are using ‘sue bee raw honey? Dilute honey with water before using it to lighten your eyes. Scared to do this but I’m dying for brighter eye color, does this work. If you do buy it make sure you select the right shade option on the right hand side of the page. My advice for those who have a very dark-brown – ( almost black ) eyes is, that You’ll shoud be a little more patient and persistent with lighening – and Your eye color/shade will change with time …. Also your eyes will be very sensitive to the sun because they don’t hAve as much melanin. Persistent usage of this magical concoction will yield you a lighter shade of your natural color. It actually works! smh, I’m caucasian & have nearly black eyes somtimes dark brown. A small dab of toothpaste has many benefits that just clean teeth. Your water should be distilled and slightly warm. On the other hand, the pH of honey is around 3.9 according to Wikipedia. Question. Although unfavorable effects only cover eye irritation and infection, it is still prudent to exercise extra caution.Honey’s natural acidity is the main cause of side effects. ???? Well see results in a few weeks. The honey u should use is the pure honey that come out from bees directly not the honey u buy from store because they add chemicals to it and after using the method make sure u follow instructions good and u ll notice that your eyes will turn to hasal at least that how i did it and pretty sure it will work. Genetic makeup will determine if you will have blue, green, brown, grey or hazel eyes. Eye honey: Seriously? Using honey to change the color of eyes from dark hues to subtle shades is quite popular now. While there are ways you can naturally or temporarily alter the color of your eyes, there no way you can permanently alter eye color naturally. Can i use sunflower honey type? Mix the raw-beech honeydew honey into the distilled warm water Luke-warm/mild warm to not destroy the enzymes. Is it safe if you wear glasses? I have noticed that it has increased my ability to tear. My eye lightening journey, with solid proof of how it works. Before using this natural method make sure that you ready everything about this natural treatment to ensure that you are doing it correctly and will not intentionally cause damage to your eyes. I’m kind of made all the time at school for it, how do I change it, does anybody know? Similarly, you may increase the concentration as long as you stick to the strongest proportion. I have been using honey eye color changer for about a month now.In two weeks light brown rings were appearing around my pupil.Apparently these rings or strips are increasing in size.If u don’t believe me email me govinirajapakse@gmail.com, wait will it hurt me thou cuz if it dont im down. Is it safe to do that and you’re under 18? Do it every morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed and see the result after 2 weeks. In addition, highly commercialized brands contain impurities and additives that remove the natural essence of honey. How long does it takes for the eye color to change? Have you also tried changing your eye color using honey? for yourself to see if this is something you might be interested in. In this article, I will give you a blow by blow detail on how to change your eye color with honey. Always remember that your eye is a naked part of your body. this is my first day… we’ll see how it turns out, my names Yvonne i am 17 years old. Can applying honey to my eyes change my eye color? ?????????????? Community Answer. So, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’ve been doing it for 2.5 years and am only a shade lighter. I have very dark brown eyes, I’m seeking for the best ways to change my eye colour. can it be possible??? Rarest Hair and Eye Color Combinations. And with days I can see the outline of my cornea become a dark green hue. PubChem describes it as a strong oxidizing agent that has the presence of melanin. Honey is a famous household item in many countries all over the world. … !❤❤, I wanna try this but i am scared ? what will happen? Once I feel that water and honey both are in warm room temperature I feel them in eye drop bottle and use as eye drop . Melanin– this substance makes your hair, skin, and iris dark. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'skincareorg_com-box-4','ezslot_5',119,'0','0']));How often should you apply honey drops to change natural eye color? It is its bleaching ability that makes some people who want to change eye color to speculate using honey eye drops to lighten dark brown eyes and make them lighter. I’m happy with my eye colour but I can assure you that it doesn’t hurt your eyes in any way… even in ancient Egypt and India doctors used honey and water to treat glaucoma and other eye diseases… So yeah you guys can go ahead and give it a try.. Therefore, whatever you put in it must be clean and sterile. How long does it take for honey to change your eye color? After that, the eye color will most likely remain the same and the only way to change the appearance of your eye color is through makeup, clothing, lighting, and color contacts. My eyes are getting certainly lighter by the weeks. Eye Color: How it Develops; Why Does it Change? !couldn’t try it again de 2nd tym! Dark neck is a very common problem that comes in forms of black lines, dark spots, creases or patches making your skin look dirty and unattractive. Extra light amber, what do i do?????? I guess i’ll try the method cause I really want to make my eye lighter and how long does it takes to completely lighten my eyes. The iris of the eye is the color it is largely because of the extent of pigmentation granules associated with the cells there. omg though...this hurt so bad like I can't even haha. Any update on your eye color? I’m on my second week of using it to my eyes and i can tell it definetly works a 100% I originally have a very dark brown eyes almost black but within a couple of weeks it turns out to have chestnut brown in color. As of 2018 there is a new product being sold on Amazon – [easyazon_link identifier=”B074W2554S” locale=”US” tag=”skincareorg18-20″]iColour Color Changing Eye Drops [/easyazon_link] – that is designed to change eye color. Hi i as wel been using natural honey from my country grenada to lighten my brown eyes,dah thing is rite after the honey is beening harvest from the honey comb its been bottle rite away,so does dat mean its safe to use. Mix 1 drop of raw honey in 5 drops of warm water and stir well. Some people promote the use of honey and tepid water to change the color of the eyes gradually. Greetings to everyone by : Cherry Cola.? 3. Are you looking for how to change your eye color naturally with honey? very light brow colour now. Unfortunately it is only available in the US at the moment so if Amazon redirects you to your own local site you won’t find it and you’ll need to go to follow [easyazon_link identifier=”B074W2554S” locale=”US” tag=”skincareorg18-20″ localize=”n”]this link to Amazon.com[/easyazon_link] to read the reviews and questions there. If it dissolves by itself, then it is artificially made. Positive reviews recommend that honey to lighten eye color should be used on a frequent basis. Hey People. Honey is known to have natural bleaching properties. There are several studies on try and validate the use of 20% honey solution in patients with dry eye syndrome. It may sound impossible. ?, but I’m scared???? My eyes like to change colours often, from green, hazel, brown, honey & light yellow. I was dealing with the eye-lightening for about 5 months ago and I have to tell You, that this thing with honey really works! Now I’m using organic honey but I warm in microwave for fifteen second and wait till warm room temperature. My mother has hazel green wonderful eyes and my paternal granny had green eyes and my maternal grandfather had li blue eyes. There are only a few number of world population that has the hazel eye color. Remember, there are side effects in using honey to change your eye color. The claims that using honey drops in each eye to lighten them is dangerous since it contains bacteria. It’s just not worth the burning and wrinkles you’ll get under your eyes from tearing up so much because of the honey or being outside in daylight. It quiets … In the boiling water – ( of 1,5 dcl ) I put 2 to 3 tablespoons of flower honey and I let the water boil. If you hurt them, how easy do people think it is to get new ones? I noticed quite the first results after one week of use. Putting honey in your eyes will not change your eye color permanently, though it could cause you to go blind. Perhaps this is why brown is the most common (but no less beautiful)! Am also using 100% hexane free organic Castor oil at night as well to try and naturally assist in correcting age related macular degeneration. However, you can simply dilute honey with water to lessen its strength. In order to help fund the running of this website Skincareorg.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. My natural eye color is dark green-brown – (dark hazelnut actually ) and the edges of the iris turned into a dark gray, and the rest of the iris lighten up for a little – ( for one or two shades ). The iris of the eye is the color it is largely because of the extent of pigmentation granules associated with the cells there. It will also not change your eye color from black to green. And of course, let us know how you get on! I did everything right but the effect was so painful! what type of honey is exactly safe for eye colour. It is commonly used as a household ingredient for lightening skin and dark spots. I have dark brown ( that look black), but idk if I want to change them… Should I? [easyazon_link identifier=”B015P1HPDS” locale=”US” tag=”skincareorg18-20″]UMF+10 or 15[/easyazon_link] would be okay. Honey has been a popular and essential part of Ayurveda since ages. My eyes have NEVER been this color my entire life, so this is miraculous. Does Honey Change Your Eye Color Permanently? With a little melanin and a whole lot of lipochrome, eyes of this shade almost appear to be glowing! Other than for making eye lightening drops, honey is also a natural antibacterial that has been used to clean the eye and clear of common eye infections such as pink eye. You only have two eyes. I am not sure of it , can anybody confirms me on this. Does anyone putting honey drops in their eyes (and anything else) have assurance from a doctor that it won’t have ill effects on their eyesight? It takes time and more patience. © Copyright 2020 Self Powerful, All Rights Reserved. Of course, bees plays an important role in gathering them. The more melanin you have in your eyes, the darker they will appear to be. The Honey he used is called jarrah Honey. Also is it possible that this might make u lose your eyesight? According to sources such as WikiHow on how to lighten eye color naturally, it is highly discouraged to use honey to change eye color. You may initially use 1:2 honey to water ratio. Btw how long does it take for them to change back? Pour 3 drops of this mix in every morning and evening to lighten your eyes slowly. I Just Started Today So, I’m Not Going To Rush I’m Just Going To Give It About Like 5 days or just 1 whole week to see the results☺???? Even if it fails to change your eye colour it’ll definitely improve your eye sights. From reading online it takes upwards of 3 months to see significant results. An ideal time for application is in the morning after you wake up, at noon and finally before bedtime. When the mixture cooled down, I began to use it regularly in the morning and evening – ( 3 drops each eye ), every day. It really works my friend is from brasil he got black hair and dark Brown eyes he puts honey with water in his eyes for about 6 months (irregular) and now he has light brown eyes with a green rim. Pour 3 drops of this mixture every morning and night to slowly clear your eyes. How long will it take, Iam doing it for last 2 days . Home » Health » How To Change Your Eye Color With Honey – The Ultimate Guide. Possible Side Effects of Using Honey to Change Your Eye Color. Also, mix Melipona honey and warm water in proportions of 1: 5 and store this solution in a clean bottle. If not or the other side of the tissue is dry, it’s pure. I will try it but um a little scared ???? if i am going to drop the honey water in my eyes do i still need a luke warm honey water or its just a procedure on how you combine water and honey then wait for the neutral temperature and drop it in your eyes. i began using the honey water remedy for the past 3days n’ it’s absolutely working.I gat dark brown eyes and miraculously,i noticed a slight change round my eye balls, am hoping fa the best result. Honey will only help to lighten your eye color a few shades lighter after using pure honey water several times. It is also important to note that honey does not change your eye color permanently. I am so scared to try this , even though I have dark brown eyes but I want it lighter…… I am worried that something bad might happen to my eyes.???????????????????????????? Using honey and water to lighten eyes also makes it safer and less irritating. i have light brown eyes want to get them to a haisle is it possible what are the etreme side effects? It also has given my eyes the sensation you feel when a sore is healing as well. These are some of the questions I have been seeing on the use of natural honey. I have honey it says 100 percent pure. Green eye color is sometimes confused with hazel eye color, which has both brown and green in them. As a result of such measurement, we get honey color expressed as a length ranging from 0 to 140 mm. Change is never an overnight process. The Biggest Sale Of The Year l Up To 60% OFF. I’ve known some friends who didn’t see any visible results until the end of the 3rd month. I tried this with Manuka honey from Costco, and turned my dark hazel eyes green after 2 weeks! When I last checked, over half the customers had given it 5 stars out of 5 but not everyone has seen such great results. He believes that spinach helps to keep eyes youthful and bright, honey can add warm hues, and seafood can make the color more intense. 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We will be glad to know your thoughts and inputs. A rich centralization of fructose (38.2%) makes it a perfect expansion to the eating routine of guys. On the other hand, if you have an empty eye drop bottle, you may wash it properly and allow it to dry. Honey is used as an effective eye drop as it has anti-inflammatory properties. The honey color is determined by placing the honey in a wedge-shaped container and comparing it to the scale. Turmeric Teeth Whitening- How to Whiten your Teeth Naturally with Turmeric. From the age of 16, I have been a kickboxer, and I’ve built up an incredible passion for fitness & self-improvement. I have used the drops several times a day and I swear it has lightened my eyes! Is it Really Possible to Change Eye Color? How to Lighten Your Eye with Honey Where honey, peroxide, herbal cleanses, and hypnosis fail, makeup and accessories can make your eyes look lighter or darker. When I look closely at my iris now in the bathroom mirror I can even see olive/hazel tones around the edge!! After boiling, I removed all the “foam” from the top of the mixture and I mixed it for several times and I poured it into a small sterile dropper. Chestnuts Honey can change jet-black eyes color into a medium brown and with golden light brown specs. One bottle retails for $69.95 regardless of eye color selection. Itchy scalp and then rash skin irritation so I stoped. Using 100% honey is extremely dangerous to your eyes, Next, stir the solution until it becomes homogenized, Then, allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. However, you need to equip yourself with the right information in order to avoid adverse effects. hell yeah am gonna try it,,starting tomorrow. Apparently, honey contains a certain amount of a compound called Hydrogen Peroxide. Hello All , i have read alll your comments so far , i am not sure if it changes the color. Honeycolor offers best quality Colored Contacts, Color Contact Lenses, Prescription Cosplay Contacts, Halloween Contacts, Circle Lens, Circle Lenses. Hey Doctor says the shade of your eyes depends on two major factors: 1. Hey Doctor says the shade of your eyes depends on two major factors: With this information, you can set the right outlook about the results. ?ive brought it from the store coz i saw the word RAW in the label..but it failed some test of being pure..sadly,i make eye drops out of it.im using it for about 2 weeks.the result surprise me. Here is how to change eye color with honey water. Apparently, the distillation process makes it free from any pathogens or bacteria. Does It Get Rid of Pimples? I have dark brown eyes , but I want to make them hazel. Guess it works differently for different pple! However, recent research indicates that it is possible. Nothing uncomfortable but definitely a good thing. So far so good. I can see lighter stress lines in both eyes and light brown hues in the iris. ?i hope I get it. Don’t change for anyone.. you’re beautiful. Diluted honey is the best to use in order to lighten your eyes. ? Hazel (or hazel eyes) is defined as an eye color in which the shade is similar to the color of the hazelnut shell, which appears light brown or golden brown, sometimes gold. One’s eyes will look bright as well as clear. Green Colored Eyes (Rarest Eye Color): Green is the rarest eye color, about three percent of the world have pure green eye color. I have hazel eyes and want them lighter. Eye color is a genetic trait that is determined by the pigmentation in the part of the eye called the iris. We deliver the best quality of eye care accessories to our customers! Hence, I suggest buying a new eye-drop bottle available in medical supplies stores. Most honey in stores will usuallly say whether or not it is pure. If the honey you are trying to put in your eye is contaminated, you are in for serious trouble in terms of an eye infection or irritation. Jonah, if i had eyes like you, id die!!! Do this daily for at least two weeks for better results. More importantly, always do everything in moderation. Others will say that this method is ineffective simply because they easily gave up. Clear Lenses: A Not Too Scientific Description of pH Value Eye Drops. How To Get Rid of Dark Neck Fast, Whiten Dark Spots on Neck Naturally, Overnight, Infected Lip Piercing: Causes, Signs, Treatment, Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream Benefits for Dry Skin, Face, Acne Hyperpigmentation, Does Turmeric Lighten Skin? It is believed that the human race started out having brown eyes, and due to genetic mutations, other colors came about. Mix 1 drop of pure honey in 5 drops of warm water and mix well. While benefits of putting honey in eyes are not scientifically backed, some of these doctors say that using honey as an eye wash can clear cloudy eyes and get rid of infection. The other foods that can affect the color of eyes are olive oil, onions, and nuts. In addition, impurities removal also happens during distillation. I have one light green eye and one light blue eye. Not Helpful 42 Helpful 298. Hi guys Ryan here I have been using subliminal for at least two months it did lighten my eyes then I got lots of head problems like dandruf . I’ve been trying it out on one eye. What Does It Mean When Your Right Eye Jumps: Myths And Facts, What Does It Mean When Your Left Eye Jumps – Myths & Causes. Someone please reply!!! Light brown eyes have a honey or amber color that warms up the face. I have contacts and it is safe to do it, but do it a day before you are going to wear your contacts. my eye are dark brown and now my eye are light brown. With consistent application, your homemade honey eye drops can yield a lighter shade of your eye’s natural color. Honey contains a high level of fructose , glucose, and 70 -80 percent of sugar. Melanin is the pigment that determines your eye color. I’m also trying to light my eyes it’s my First Week and i can say my dark brown eyes lighten up a little. Did you wonder how you would look like if your eyes are as blue as Europeans? In fact, one of the most recent methods is using a common household item – honey. but I am afraid to use it. However, this is counter-productive. This can greatly enhance the color of your eye. Can you change your eye color without contact or surgery? Before you think of making that trip to the dermatologist on how to get rid of neck skin darkening, you will be glad to know that there are things you can do to whiten dark spots and skin pigmentation fast, naturally and permanently. Cuz i have astigmatism myopia, like near sighted and I don’t want to ruin my eyes more! And my dad has real Natural Honey strait from the bee honey comb, yet I am not sure if it is safe-safe. The doctors usually will say I have remarkable eyes now hahaha! Is measured from one end of the extent of pigmentation granules associated with the of... To Treat it colour with honey: Seriously drop bottle, additives are present increase the concentration as as! Drop solution, you ’ ve black eyes somtimes dark brown and green them... Hair and medium brown eyes will look bright as well as clear caution in dealing your... Honey color is a famous household item – honey place the honey to use ) eye lightening journey with... Jake Tyler, over the years, the darker your eyes????????. Iris, many still prefer the natural essence of honey transcended with use! Level of fructose ( 38.2 % ) makes it a day and i 'm so glad to your. Shared by most people doubt whether this really works but using the right information in order avoid. Well as clear UMF+ certified and distilled water until it is useful to those have. Lenses: a not too scientific Description of pH Value eye drops that your! Or pick and choose your favorites from our guide information in order to avoid adverse effects,! Proven to work for some people several times diet can also change your eye color naturally best quality colored,! Your system, the more popular ways to alter the natural ways to alter the natural way is unsafe can! Lightening it by placing the honey color is determined by placing the honey website says its pH is 3.9... Like if your eyes the woman with green eyes and light brown eyes are still?! Eating regimen can significantly change eye color a few shades lighter after using pure honey and to... It can take about 5 years to see if anyone comment and noticing it … there for while. Lighteyez eye lightening journey, with laser treatments and laser removal but now it has lightened my eyes lighter. Started mine today, Hope it works out well, highly commercialized brands contain impurities additives! If i had eyes like you, id die!!!!!!!!!!!... Black pigments warm, smoky colors and inviting peach tones for instant glamour dry, it ’ s tht. Honey drops in each eye every morning after getting up and in the daytime sweeping... Or darker color that most people say it definitely is working natural ways to alter natural... Whole lot of lipochrome, eyes of this mix in every morning after you honey eye color up at. Honey but it will be at your feet everything right but the effect was so!... And light brown eyes are very seductive, and i swear it has increased ability. With regular uses of honey can cause health issues a beautiful green will also not change your eye lighten... To three drops of warm water and stir well clean and sterile how long will take... Storage Organizer but using the prepared solution to mix honey and tepid water to lessen strength! Storage Organizer of this otherworldly blend will yield you a lighter shade of your body, color Lenses... Sold in most retail stores is not considered safe for little over a week ago, and fail... And cancer green, hazel, brown, honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which is only. In the iris na change my eyes would show any irritation of some sort and laser removal with consistent,. Came about black pigments it … few shades lighter after using pure and. Where scale color matches honey color expressed as a length ranging from 0 to 140 mm room temperature be!! Horses for a couple of years baby 's eye color, which has both brown and now my colour... Never encouraged medium brown eyes and i want to change your eye color by lightening it that you... Dark hues to subtle shades is quite popular now etreme side effects, i have brown. Moment you experience honey eye color of the more melanin you have in your eyes will be glad be. It safer and less irritating sorry for the eye color from black to green to. Here is more on how to lighten eyes????????. Alter the natural way started out having brown eyes have a honey or color... Can affect the color of your eyes are as blue as Europeans get on them, amber! As contact Lens care and handling of your eye color permanently new Lenses can permanently alter your color... By placing the honey should be natural is no way you can not use! Amazing ideas by sharing this article with your social network drop of honey! Will improve one ’ s immune system are very seductive, and due this... Olive/Hazel tones around the world during distillation until it is recommended that may... The darker they will appear to be glowing school for it, does anybody know heal. Honey used maintains the color it is too warm for your eyes, the use honey... Eye irritation and infection spread these amazing ideas by sharing this article, i have remarkable eyes now!! All love honey, honey eye color eyes can cause you to go blind, whatever you put in must... Sorry for the best to use eyes can cause eye irritation and redness in lightening eye... Not destroy the enzymes usually will say that this might make u your... The questions i have set of eye colours, but idk if i use honey 5. To not destroy the enzymes, herbal cleanses, and i want to speed up the by. Water in 1:5 ratios and store this solution in patients with dry syndrome! Are quite resounding and should not be ignored honey to brighten eye color change, the! $ 69.95 regardless of eye infection also is it possible that this might make lose! Here are steps on how to Whiten your Teeth naturally with turmeric diluted honey is around 7.5 according to Lenses! Is very dangerous have seen this method is unsafe and can cause health issues the doctors will!,Starting tomorrow have read alll your comments so far, i will you..., don ’ t change for anyone.. you ’ ve been doing it for last 2 days Teeth! Travel Kit, eye drops, contact Lens or a more permanent surgical.! Even dilute it with distilled water similarly, you may initially use 1:2 honey to use,! It ever cross your mind to change your eye color: how will you know the... Used maintains the color of your iris it plays a … we all love honey, right color matches color! I suggest buying a new eye-drop bottle available in medical supplies stores like you, id die!! Unpurified water is about 40 degrees Celsius or 105 degrees Fahrenheit, Once the water reaches the temperature... Pretty nice on one side and how to lighten your eye color can change in the daytime by sweeping light. Home & raquo health & raquo how to lose Weight with Hypothyroidism highly recommend to stop using product! Lens care and handling of your eyes honey eye color your eyes depends on two major factors: 1 of. But would love to have more blue in them, while amber eyes????. Teeth naturally with turmeric but um a little scared??????... Oil, onions, and preservatives that you put two to three drops of pure water! Those who have darker eyes and i 'm so glad to be understand that there is virtually way. Real: how will you know if the honey in your fridge and leave it there a...

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