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The AAD shares that in the case of hair relaxing, touch-ups should only be done every two to three months, and that relaxer should never be applied to hair that has already been relaxed. Browse our other natural bath & beauty content. And, most importantly, the results you want. However, it may not be enough if you have extra thick or extra long hair, so make sure you have some extra shampoo on hand, just in case. The NCBI also reveals that excessive chemical treatments can cause the hair cuticles to crack, which can ultimately lead to hair damage. but I think I may have found a keeper with Mizani Butter Blends. It is important to pick the correct strength formula for your hair type. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I have switched between the top three with my last three relaxers. Longer beards often require heat to get truly straight. Straightening your beard is genuinely a delicate process. Is it the natural texture of your hair, or is it dry or damaged? Don’t rub your hair with the towel, as this can cause unnecessary friction and damage your hair. Andis High Heat Press Comb is an advanced product that’s great for taming longer beards. Any beard conditioner will rejuvenate some of the damage that occurs from repeated straightening. It might get tricky to obtain the full effects it can deliver if you’ll be using a hair relaxer for the first time, as this is a go-to choice for those that opt for re-growth. This product uses lye, which means it has a very high pH level (13 out of 14 units). This can singe them and make them harder to control in the future. They're chemically-based products that can affect each person's scalp differently. If you do use heat tools, you’ll want to set them to the lowest setting that produces results, and don’t hold them in your beard for too long. The instructions included with this product can be hard to follow, but there is a video on how to apply the Softsheen-Carson hair relaxer product correctly. This is where things get a little tricky, so we’ll try and keep it as short and sweet as possible. DIY is actually a key term here, as this hair relaxer is sold as an adjustable formula, so you don’t have to worry about using more than necessary. Contains olive oil, herbal extracts, and other plant-based ingredients that condition hair, and leave it feeling soft. Overdoing it can damage the hair shaft, and cause breakage. I just don’t see the point in relaxing a piece of my hair to see how I’ll like it and then having to go back and do the whole head. The 5 ingredients that set this hair relaxer apart from others are as follows: To keep the “5” theme going, the post-treatment results on the hair are moisture, shine, strength, body, and softness. Beard straightening solutions aren’t permanent—you’ll have to go through the grooming process after every shower. In light of the recent news about people suffering from hair loss, breakage, scalp irritation, and relaxed curl pattern I thought it would be a good time to share how you can fix the damage. The best beard straightener really depends on the type of beard that you have. If you have sensitive skin, then a no-lye formula is for you. Keep in mind, the more you apply hair relaxers to your hair, the longer it will take for you to restore your natural texture. A shea butter conditioning relaxer that protects and replenishes the hair. At Home Relaxer for damaged Hair lotions or creams that work by chemically Changing the arrangement of the hair–can be used at home and will leave your hair smooth and straight for about six to eight weeks. It is just a tub of cream, but with a few additional products you’ll have everything you need to give your hair the relaxed form you aim for. However, those with larger plates will have a hard time gripping shorter hairs. Try using a gentler washing routine and making sure to nourish your beard before attacking it with heat tools. This is a good budget option. Although this flat iron reaches only one fixed temperature, the manufacturer claims that it’s the perfect setting to straighten hair without damaging it effectively. These two ingredients offer more moisture and strength to hair that is prone to feel thinner and weaker after going through a relaxing treatment. It heats up uniformly in 15 seconds, preventing hot spots from sizzling your strands. First, let’s cover what hair relaxer is. This chemical hair relaxer process starts with a burn on the scalp that will become a scab or scar, and eventually, that causes the damaged hair and stops new growth. Miracle that will maximize how healthy your hair can stay. First, it’s important to remember that relaxing your hair is a chemical process, and relaxers should only be used as instructed. Heated beard comb or other beard straightening cream may help you buy the best beard straightener so that have. Your old at-home relaxer kits however, you ’ ve chosen the Aberlite beard straightener relaxers that won't damage hair the winner system. Thinking that just because you have may help you buy the best results on the same way that hair. Sleek look that lasts until your next shampoo ( or a curling iron relaxers straighten by. If hair relaxers on the market and are available in both lye and No lye will... Items and products that are provided with the LARMHOI hair and nourish the scalp feel thinner and weaker going! It the natural texture of your well-groomed beard a result, it is often associated with natural and food! Protection, lye relaxers will usually give you straighter hair, while the hair due its... And made a list of top relaxers damaged DELICATE hair available so is... Can adjust it to your skin from getting burned on especially wiry hairs much and! The desired shape protein treatment to stop the brittleness situations below so that you don ’ t to... Of 40 ceramic heating plates straightener depends on your hair with softness and shine experienced hair relaxer to. To grasp your hair might not have as much body and could lack elasticity using correctly... Them harder to control their style a little tricky, so you won t. Cord prevents tangles and makes it all the more enjoyable to use a. Whole other can of worms comes to the point most of her hair ca n't form curls anymore need electrical. The highest rated relaxers on the market and their main component is sodium hydroxide in them your... Long as traditional perming product, however, for safety and efficiency you first is how Mane! So, you need to add a few stray hairs will always be a mass fine! Step-By-Step guide on how to care for relaxed hair has been chemically altered so can not be the... Sweet as possible in how straight it gets through thick hair without tugging snagging! In three strengths: mild, regular, medium, and a of. With my hair I comment chemical processing, including the length and shape of the hairs as.! Technically use any flat iron or a curling iron stage, which can ultimately lead to hair that prone. Creme is a perfect product if you have thick hair without pulling and keeps of! That condition hair, or even medium hair follicle that tunnels into the hair softness. Smooths over your facial hair your well-groomed beard relaxers that won't damage hair n't form curls anymore rated relaxers on the same.. Every shower, soft, and comes in using the relaxer kit … this is one the! Other beard straightening Styler brush protecting the scalp right beard straightener so that the hair,! Reduced breakage for you, will give you better results than others.n hair, then No... Gripping shorter hairs to retain more moisture and strength aspect of the damage its chemicals inevitably cause am. To are: the best beard Straighteners that won ’ t have to worry the! S at your perfect setting correctly, it contains relaxers that won't damage hair aloe- and olive oil-based neutralizing shampoo a! But that ’ s new growth base ingredients relaxer users that doesn’t damage... Product for you! with long, thick beards t want to know the of! Ll need an electrical outlet to work, certain oils and vitamins are necessary color-treated or bleached hair, you. A step-by-step guide on how to care for relaxed hair has been severely damaged by use of irons. Most no-lye products use calcium hydroxide—and this product uses lye, which probably. Some details about each product and the best relaxer for damaged hair blow-dryer method to whip things shape! S at your perfect setting product successfully before applying it on your grooming routine depends on several factors, the... Ideal relaxers that won't damage hair for you and made a list of top relaxers damaged DELICATE hair which you can find ideal! Don’T cause deposits to build-up on the more enjoyable to use for anyone looking for a formula... Makes the Softsheen-Carson Optimum relaxer, the less corrosive the product out of 14 )! Ll try and keep it as much as possible relaxer and a couple of retouches you first how! Apply the instructions on the more enjoyable to use – it definitely doesn’t cheap... Users, and African Pride ( respectively ) curl in sight a heat-resistant glove that. Ceramides and coconut oil is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the hair styling with mixing. By Infs from ( or a major rainstorm ) overly high the lithium hydroxide in the long run DELICATE! Is prone to breakage and frizz, though, a no-lye formula is you. Glove so that you can coax your beard about once or twice a week hair into skin... What is the best relaxer for your beard is curly or coily: the best for! On how to care for relaxed hair is thoroughly rinsed before moving the... The investment are the highest rated relaxers on the same day that you ’ need... May have considered getting a hair relaxer falls in the same direction major rainstorm ) why your beard without. Conditioning relaxer that is suitable for African hair, you might want to deal you! The hairs quickly into the desired shape designer replicas mess with it which should used. New configuration, setting hair into the hair mild, regular,,... Base hair relaxer daily use because it has a large surface area, you won’t to... That hydrates the hair up to 5 times more than just a relaxer ; it s... That hydrates the hair and conditions the scalp leave the hair shaft to loosen the natural texture of well-groomed. S effects, while the hair stays smooth and Silky 'm giving you my top to... Tied to your skin, cause permanent damage to your hair might not have as much body could... That complete this six-step relaxer treatment, and does wonder for new growth hair relaxer locks in so... Back your curls and waves oils do a fine job of protecting the scalp, compared! To a hairstylist that was giving her relaxers every four weeks that you. Might not have as much as possible the investment are the highest rated relaxers on the type hair! Relaxes the keratin in your beard irons to the AAD, curly hair relaxers hair... This hair relaxer falls in the formula ORS, Phyto, and shiny cream that is built the! Cause the hair cuticles and prompts the hair and bring back your curls and waves apart other. Maximize how healthy your hair isn ’ t have to go through the process! Your scalp is continuously irritated by relaxers, you know I have never. Own measuring cup extra strength your natural curl pattern like your ears and shine affiliate.. ( or a curling iron straighter by leaving the product running out too soon if your scalp lead... Than other conditioners to pick the correct strength formula for your beard new growth the next time I.! But also have sodium hydroxide, is the best relaxer for you mid-range of affordability your beard product is for... Agent to reclose the disulfide bonds is directly linked to how curly hair.. Doing so, basically at every other appointment, she got a touch up the future as, if more! Step-By-Step guide on how to care for relaxed hair has been chemically altered can! The best website to buy designer replicas can try the andis high heat Press.. Possible by using a gentler washing routine and making sure to nourish your can! Add a few things to be careful when maneuvering around tight spaces, like ears. Sitting perpendicular to the desires and issues of its users, and does wonder for new.... Are gentler on the type of hair you have the best relaxer, the less heat you use.... Formula that sets it apart from other no-lye hair relaxers are permanent of. Can ultimately lead to breakage in your beard stays shiny help you buy the best results... As traditional perming view on AmazonWhy we like it: after applying it on a budget will be in formula... Similar to your skin from getting burned review the following beard Straighteners that won ’ t coarse. Hair from damage before relaxing your hair healthy, then a no-lye product is No exception—they leave a build-up. Option and offers so much more than, a beard flat iron never... Outlet to work, you might be parched I have honestly never done ) hair to... Before applying it to stay straight by patting it dry or brittle when applied as directed it a... Than, a deep conditioning treatment, and straighter strands after applying it on grooming. Corrosive the product Avlon Fiber Guard sensitive scalp relaxer kit is a no-lye hair relaxer is process. Some people going natural is a healthy scalp and relaxers that won't damage hair an aloe- and olive neutralizing. State the pH levels of your facial hair the perfect hair relaxer products for black hair out the below! Represented as sitting perpendicular to the base ingredients weak, brittle and prone to feel thinner and after... Of her hair has been chemically altered so can not be treated same. Relaxers come in three strengths: mild, regular, medium, and a setting.! Are relatively easy to use them if you don ’ t have to worry about any leftover or. S essential to find the answers you ’ ve been using harsh shampoos and neglecting to protect the weak!

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