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PLSC 25312. Norms, Ideas, and Identity in International Politics. At once theoretical and empirical, the class focuses on events in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Libya in the first wave, followed by Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon, and Iraq in the second wave, considering them in relation to prevailing social scientific theories of change and management. David Easton's recollections of the department ring true even today: "Chicago seemed like the Tiber River—violent rapids, churning, exciting, adventurous, and bubbling over with ideas. The Horizon of Political Hope in the Wake of Empire and Revolution. Prerequisite(s): PLSC 30901 or equivalent and consent of instructor. We also will evaluate the persistent roles of race, class, and money in historical and contemporary political life. PLSC 24210. Students with extensive course work in Political Science who wish to pursue more specialized topics that are not covered by regular courses have the option of registering for PLSC 29700 Independent Study, to be taken individually and supervised by a member of the Political Science faculty. The attacks often arise from within, as elected leaders chip away at democratic institutions and norms. The substance of the independent study may not be related to the BA Thesis or BA research, which is covered by PLSC 29900 BA Thesis Supervision. David and Mary Winton Green Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science . PLSC 27541. What is the relationship between the mass citizenry and government in the U.S.? This course offers a historical and thematic survey of Chinese politics and of salient issues in China's public policy. "The Chicago department was the cutting edge of development of the field of political science," Pritchett recalled of his days as a graduate student. How did feminist and queer politics come to be scripted increasingly in terms of identity and its negation? We hope you will come see for yourself. This course will afford a broad, critical philosophical and historical overview of philanthropy, examining its various contexts and justifications, and contrasting charitable giving with other ethical demands, particularly the demands of justice. We will also track two unfulfilled promises in the thought of black scholars and activists: the attempt to secure economic independence for freed slaves and critiques of patriarchal rule within the family. How does the present trend to appropriate abolition occlude key political disagreements among early and mid-nineteenth century activists? We will study how these early sociologists and political theorists treated the future of work - and its effects on education, civic participation, and national cohesion. Equivalent Course(s): LLSO 25610. How can the wild, the rural, and the urban all contribute to a better future for Planet Earth? (Please submit the, Students who write a BA Thesis must also enroll in. Moving from the Haitian Revolution and the politics of anti-colonialism to contemporary debates about "identity politics" and struggles for universal justice, this course will provide an introduction to debates around race and the language of rights. As one journalist cleverly wrote, this highlights a "53 percent problem in American Feminism". The Long Paper is typically a course paper. PLSC 21540. 100 Units. His book, Arguing about Alliances was just selected as the co-winner of the Lepgold Book prize for the best book in international relations. What are the processes by which private, individual emotions become public, collective, and politically relevant? PLSC 20312. Along with Schmitt's works from the period, such as Political Theology and the Concept of the Political, we read and discuss the related writings of perhaps his greatest interlocutor, Leo Strauss. 100 Units. Note(s): Required of fourth-year students who are majoring in political science and plan to write a BA thesis. Instructor(s): Natacha Nsabimana & Adom Getachew     Terms Offered: Spring. 100 Units. A class paper for any course used to meet the major's requirements. But that is not the full story. It offers students opportunities to write policy briefings and to blog about challenges to democracy in the world today. What is the relationship between the struggle for black rights and the struggle for universal rights? Equivalent Course(s): MAPH 31499, PHIL 21499, HMRT 21499. Organizational Decision Making. (Please submit the General Petition form, found at college.uchicago.edu/advising/tools-forms, along with a copy of the course syllabus to Pick 406.). Many of the toughest ethical and political challenges confronting the world today are related to environmental issues: for example, climate change, loss of biodiversity, the unsustainable use of natural resources, pollution and toxic waste, and other threats to the well-being of both present and future generations. We will begin with a history of Black feminist thought and transition to its contemporary iterations, including trans politics and queer theory. We will explore the nature of love, guilt, anxiety, and other emotions, the origins of morality, and the many biases in our cognition. Students may ask the instructor for permission to write a twenty-page paper, either in place of another assignment, as an extra assignment, or as an ungraded assignment. Of being satisfied with how one's life is going overall? The development of new media technology has prompted questions about and challenges to conceptions of power, knowledge, and subjectivity. This is a general reading and research course for independent study not related to the BA thesis or BA research. What is happiness? It was just one great intellectual high.". Spring Such figures include Solon, Lycurgus, Alexander, Romulus, Brutus, Camillus, Fabius Maximus, Scipio Africanus, Julius Caesar, and Augustus. Building upon more than a century of collaboration between scholars from Chicago and China, the Center in Beijing enables the University to expand existing activities and form new alliances and partnerships with universities, businesses, medical centers, policy groups, government agencies, and cultural organizations in China. 100 Units. UChicago’s Political Science Department has had a leading program since its start, with a faculty including one of the country’s leading scholars on race, an expert on the impact of language and religion on politics, a leading scholar on the work of John Locke, and a top constitutional theorist. Cathy Cohen. Topics will include property rights and distributive justice; the meaning of freedom and equality; arguments for and against democracy and the proper design of democratic institutions; war and the use of force; racial and gender justice; and global economic justice and human rights. We analyze both modern works (such as those by Turkle and Gilder) and the work of modern democratic theorists (such as Habermas). Historical accounts often narrate the women's liberation movement as dominated by white, wealthy, straight women, who suppressed the voices of women of color and lesbians. 100 Units. Read More, Chiara Cordelli is Associate Professor of Political Science Terms Offered: Autumn Feminist Politics in the US: Lessons from the Second Wave. 1427 East 60th Street To enroll, students are required to submit the College Reading and Research Course Form, which is available from the College Advising Reception Desk. The first objective of this course is to develop a critical understanding of the different disciplinary and methodological approaches to emotion and its place in political life. This guide highlights resources for research in political science at the University of Chicago. Philosophy and Philanthropy. 100 Units. The course covers recent changes in American grand strategy, nuclear policy, and the use of conventional forces in contemporary conflicts. Equivalent Course(s): CRES 22755, ANTH 22755. He has received the 2020 James Madison Award from the American Political Science Association (APSA)! Race, Capitalism and the Atlantic World. Terms Offered: Winter Equivalent Course(s): GNSE 25200, PHIL 21400, HUMA 24900. In recent years, the coup d'état is being replaced by slower and less easily identified challenges to democratic governance. Hours & Access Library services over interim. ", Much has changed at Chicago since Pritchett studied here, but fortunately the most important things have not. This quarter we will read a series of texts produced before and after the formal end of slavery in the United States with particular attention paid to the revisions, retrospections, and reformulations made to conceptions of freedom. While many of the attendees of the Women's March of 2017 were white, over 53% of white women had just voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. While understandings of racial capitalism vary across disciplines and historical periods, this interdisciplinary course will focus on the construction of the Black Atlantic world as a way of understanding how race, capitalism and gender are constitutive elements of modernity. Equivalent Course(s): PLSC 36920, LLSO 26920. Equivalent Course(s): CRES 27538. Students will also be presented with some practical opportunities to engage reflectively in deciding whether, why and how to donate a certain limited amount of (course provided) funding. A second objective is to improve students' ability to evaluate claims made by others in scholarship, commentary, or public discourse. Student who transfer into the University of Chicago and wish to transfer courses into the major should see the Director of Undergraduate Studies soon after matriculation. In either case, the paper is typically from thirty-five to fifty pages in length (the length of most scholarly articles in professional journals). PLSC 29800 counts as a single course and a single grade is reported in Autumn Quarter. Above all, the course seeks to demonstrate the use of empirical research in the service of an argument. After Multiculturalism: Social Plurality, Democratic Citizenship, and Globalization. Along with a diasporic and transnational analysis, we will investigate: how do contemporary iterations of radical Black feminism engage with and resist against the state? What are the early warning signs, and can it be reversed? The course takes its title from V.Y. Later sections of the course look at China's political institutions, leadership, as well as various issues of governance and public policy, including state-society relations, the relationship between Beijing and the provinces, corruption, population and environment. Democracy and the Information Technology Revolution. Students who take this course will acquire a broad understanding of authoritarian politics and how it is covered in the literature. Equivalent Course(s): PLSC 35311. Game Theory I to allow for incomplete information, with a focus on the competing challenges of moral hazard and adverse selection in those settings. 100 Units. PLSC 21539. These include how racial hierarchies influence legislation, the role criminal justice plays in racial construction, the functioning of bureaucracies in racialized societies, the political consequences of criminal justice policy, and the historical development of the contemporary criminal justice system. Read More, We are a department committed to intellectual rigor and believe that when theory and careful empirical analysis are joined together in an environment of purposeful interrogation significant insights for the discipline . Can it be measured, and perhaps made the basis of a science? Politics and Popular Culture in the Middle East. Students must obtain the prior consent of the program director and the instructor, as well as submit the College Reading and Research Course Form that is available from the College Advising Reception Desk. Drawing on methods and theory from international political economy, we will critically examine the prospects for international cooperation on trade and immigration, as well as the future of international governance. The course will be centered around several applications of game theory to politics: electoral competition, agenda control, lobbying, voting in legislatures and coalition games. Students should complete their paper before their final quarter; the approval form should be submitted to the departmental office as soon as the writing requirement is completed. In addition to studying the primary branches of U.S. government, we will consider the role of interest groups, the media, and political action committees in American politics. Students may meet the writing requirement by completing a BA Thesis or by writing a Long Paper. Instructor(s): J. Mearsheimer     Terms Offered: Winter 100 Units. Additionally, it has been found to be one of the most plural department… Taking as a starting point the idea that utopian thinking-at least in its modern, universalistic form-has always existed in a complex relationship to the figure of the "savage Other" and the project of Western imperialism, the first half of the course invites students to test this claim against the aspirations advanced by certain anti-colonial and left revolutionaries. PLSC 22202. Instructor(s): J. Pitts     Terms Offered: Winter Professor Yang's current research interests include the politics of China's development, particularly regulation, governance, and state-society relations. Instructor(s): S. Muthu     Terms Offered: Spring. Severe conflict over the tension between national security and individual privacy rights in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Ireland will be explored as well. We will cover the following topics: the causes and meanings of "revolution;" the rise of new social movements in a neoliberal era; authoritarianism and the various roles of the military; the importance of digital publics; popular culture and artistic practices in the context of ongoing tumult; cultural, generational, and gender dynamics; the causes of civil war; and the influence of regional and international super-powers. But closer inspection reveals that the interplay between race and universalism is a more complex one, such that the affirmation "Black Lives Matter" can open up a horizon of universality whereas it is precisely the universalism of "All Lives Matter" that speaks to the violence of white supremacy. During their fourth year, students who choose to write a BA Thesis must register with their BA Thesis faculty adviser for one quarter of PLSC 29900 BA Thesis Supervision. We ask how is the responsiveness of government being affected, and how representative is the online community. Spring 2021 Feminist scholars and activists tend to look back on the second wave in the United States as a failure. PLSC 24741. In this course we read a number of philosophers, theorists, and social scientists interested in the relationship between knowledge and politics. In addition to the above requirements, students are required to take six to eight Political Science courses of their choosing in order to develop their interests in and knowledge of the field. Congratulations to Adom Getachew! American Grand Strategy. Cicero famously called history the "schoolmistress of life." Instructor(s): R. Pape     Terms Offered: Spring This course considers the origins of mass opinion about politics and public policy, including the role of core values and beliefs, information, expectations about political actors, the mass media, economic self-interest, and racial attitudes. 100 Units. Are we now in the Anthropocene, and if so, is "adaptation" the best strategy at this historical juncture? Written for a course that did not require any papers. Instructor(s): R. Gulotty     Terms Offered: Spring. What do critics think citizenship comes to mean under such conditions? Students may also elect to take a second quarter of. A request to use a single BA Thesis for two majors requires the approval of both program directors on a form available at college.uchicago.edu/advising/forms-and-petitions. Courses outside Political Science may be considered for the major only by petition. To what extent are justice and legitimacy separate ideas? Students who study abroad in the Spring Quarter are not required to enroll in the BA Colloquium in the Spring Quarter, but are expected to enroll and participate in the BA Colloquium in the Autumn Quarter. Equivalent Course(s): GLST 24210. Students are responsible for obtaining an approval form (political-science.uchicago.edu/sites/political-science.uchicago.edu/files/uploads/Long Paper Form.pdf) to verify the successful completion of the Long Paper from the department office and giving it to the relevant instructor. The department has outstanding graduate students on the academic market in the fields of Political Theory, American Politics, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. This course develops theory and evidence that these decisions reflect domestic and international politics. Office of Communications. Equivalent Course(s): PLSC 42805, SCTH 42805. Politics and Public Policy in China. Instructor(s): J. Brehm     Terms Offered: Spring PLSC 28400. Political Science majors who earn their bachelor's degree from UChicago go on to jobs where they make a median salary of $36,700 a year. Humans face many challenges today. Beginning with the breakup of the New Left and the proliferation of "new social movements" such as feminism, Black Power, and gay liberation, this seminar explores the key debates around which gender and sexuality were articulated as politically significant categories. However, by the 1980s, this hope had given way to catastrophe as the horizons of revolutionary aspiration characterizing these struggles collapsed. Democracy and the Immigrant in Classical Greek Thought. What are their advantages and disadvantages with respect to stability, security, liberty, equality, and justice? William Howell is the Sydney Stein Professor in American Politics at the University of Chicago, where he holds appointments in the Harris School, political science department, and College. The course will be divided into the following four sections: 1) Inventing Africa; 2) Political Trajectories; 3) Afro-Mobilities; 4) Afro-Futures. What kinds of knowledge are needed in politics, and who needs to know what? These are some of the questions that this course addresses, with the help of both classic and contemporary texts from philosophy, literature, and the social sciences. Students will consider the normative case made for rights to self-determination (celebrated by figures such as Woodrow Wilson but recognized as a threat to class-based revolution by Rosa Luxemburg) as well as arguments by those skeptical of the possibility or desirability of a more inclusive and participatory democratic regime. 100 Units. What, if anything, makes it legitimate? PLSC 29900. Readings will be in English. I am an assistant professor at University of Chicago Department of Political Science. To graduate with department honors, then, a student must have both honors-level grades and a BA Thesis that receives honors. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Or are there counter-hegemonic ways of staging discourses of universality that break the links between universalism and whiteness, such as, for instance, in the universalist claim to self-determination among colonized peoples? Introduction to Political Theory. More… Request Information 100 Units. This course critically interrogates contemporary "status quo" power dynamics through a lens of Black Queer Feminism. 100 Units. The specific research tools that the course develops are statistical, but the approach is more general. Instructor(s): Mekawy, Yasmeen     Terms Offered: Autumn 100 Units. This course serves as an introduction to the long history of racial capitalism. PLSC 26615. Some rescheduling may be necessary in order to accommodate guest speakers and the weather! Political Science, Public Policy, and E-Learning Librarian Joseph Regenstein Library 1100 E 57th Street Chicago, IL 60637 To receive announcements about the program in the major and other information about the Department of Political Science, students should sign up for the undergraduate email list either in the departmental office or at https://lists.uchicago.edu/web/info/ugpolsall. This course provides an overview of topics related to politics in authoritarian regimes. 100 Units. Under what conditions are we obliged to follow the laws and orders of government authorities? If you are interested in a career in government, law, public policy, civic leadership, campaign organizing or even becoming the next president–political science might be just the ticket. What are the causes of the erosion of democracy? Recent ethical and philosophical developments such as the effective altruism movement suggest that relatively affluent individuals are ethically bound to donate a very large percentage of their resources to worthy causes-for example, saving as many lives as they possibly can, wherever in the world those lives may be. Mudimbe's 1994 book which builds on his earlier work The Invention of Africa. Must an environmental ethic reject anthropocentrism? 100 Units. To enroll, students are required to submit the College Reading and Research Course Form, which is available from the College Advising Reception Desk. Instructor(s): J.Wilson     Terms Offered: Autumn. PLSC 26244. We will critically examine examples of pop culture from societies throughout the region, analyzing their connection to power structures and changes in ideology and nationalism, gender/class/religious identity and practice, militarism and insurgency, and state power. Independent Study. The Politics of Authoritarian Regimes. Students who choose to write a BA Thesis are required to enroll in PLSC 29800 BA Colloquium in the Spring Quarter of the third year and continue to attend the BA Colloquium in the Autumn Quarter of their fourth year. UChicago is a fairly large private not-for-profit school located in the city of Chicago. PLSC 21499. This quarter we will focus on the reception and appropriation of ancient political models in modern European political thought. The Political Science major requires twelve political science courses and a substantial paper. Political Science (312) 413-3780 | simpson@uic.edu Tepe, Sultan | Associate Professor Why are some nations rich and others are poor? The department also strongly recommends, but does not require, a course in statistics. We the members of the department believe that Chicago is the most exciting and challenging university in the world. This course begins a two-quarter sequence on Athens, Sparta, and Rome as models of politics and their subsequent reception and appropriation in the history of Western political thought. This is a reading and research course for independent study related to BA research and BA thesis preparation. (2) How might we locate Africa as a geographic site and conceptual space to think through contemporary debates about citizenship, migration and new structures of political economy? The University of Chicago Magazine (ISSN-0041-9508) is published quarterly by the University of Chicago in cooperation with the Alumni Association. Challenges to Democracy. Equivalent Course(s): CRES 26603. Did formal emancipation actualize or reframe the abolitionist imaginary? PLSC 28605. The main goal is to help students understand academic and policy debates over the role of non-material factors in theories of international politics. The three required introductory courses must be taken for quality grades. 100 Units. The revolution in information technologies has serious implications for democratic societies. This course explores this question by examining the place of utopian thinking, broadly understood, in the projects of anticolonial and socialist struggle in the twentieth century and by reading this strain of thought in light of the doubts that certain thinkers have raised about the possibility of attaining utopia's promise. The Idea of Africa. (A), Instructor(s): B. Schultz     Terms Offered: Autumn With this curiosity in mind, we seek to understand how ancient philosophers, dramatists, and orators saw the democracy's dependence on immigrants to support its economy, fight its wars, educate its citizenry, and express a precarious way of living in the polis. Politicizing the Passions: Emotions and Collective Action. Students are required to submit the College Reading and Research Course Form. Instructor(s): J. McCormick     Terms Offered: Spring Currently, he is the chair of the political science department, director of the Center for Effective Government, and co-host of Not Another Politics Podcast. Instructor(s): S. Stokes     Terms Offered: Autumn. Congratulations to Paul Poast! A request to use a single BA Thesis for two majors requires the approval of both program directors on a form available at, Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History, History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine, Summary of Requirements for Students Meeting the Writing Requirement with a Long Paper, Summary of Requirements for Students Meeting the Writing Requirement with a BA Thesis, college.uchicago.edu/advising/tools-forms, political-science.uchicago.edu/sites/political-science.uchicago.edu/files/uploads/Long Paper Form.pdf, college.uchicago.edu/advising/forms-and-petitions, https://lists.uchicago.edu/web/info/ugpolsall. 100 Units. In the early twentieth century, the department set out to "blaze a new trail in the field of the technical study of political relations," stressing interdisciplinary approaches and closer integration with other science … This course examines the reasons for and variations in contemporary uprisings in the Middle East. This course explores how ancient and early modern authors-in particular, Livy, Plutarch, and Machiavelli-used the lives and actions of great individuals from the Greek and Roman past to establish models of political behavior for their own day and for posterity. Knowledge and Politics. Summer The BA Thesis and Long Paper options are explained below. UChicago Forward Website University Coronavirus Updates Learning Remotely Health and Wellness Instructor(s): Laterricka Smith     Terms Offered: Spring Summer Can it be achieved by all, or only by a fortunate few? It will examine the strategies and techniques of electoral campaigns, including the choices of campaign themes and the impact of campaign advertising. Is it subjective or objective? I got my PhD from New York University in May 2019. What counts as the proper ethical treatment of non-human animals, living organisms, or ecosystems? We will read authors including Vitoria, Montesquieu, Vattel, Bentham, Mill, Du Bois, and Mohammed Bedjaoui as well as recent writings on the history of empire and international law. Prerequisite(s): Consent of faculty supervisor and program chair. The deadline for submitting the approval form and the paper is 4 p.m. on Friday of the second week of the quarter in which the student expects to graduate. Instructor(s): J. Padgett     Terms Offered: Winter. Spring In terms of applications, the course will extend the topics examined in the prerequisite, PLSC 30901. The department encourages students to try out the major even before declaring. The syllabus will incorporate readings from various disciplines including political science, sociology, and Black studies and will focus on how the simultaneity of hegemony shapes access to and relationships with power. PLSC 22205. Should it be the aim of education? PLSC 28701. Political scientists use both humanistic and scientific perspectives and a variety of methodological approaches to examine the political dynamics of all countries and regions of the world, both ancient and modern. PLSC 22755. 100 Units. We concentrate, though not exclusively, on the United States. Specifically, we will use a political economy framework, which emerges from the premise that economic life has material, cultural, and political dimensions and that an individual's (or group's) identity or social location--e.g., race, gender, and class--may constrain or empower agents in their participation in economic and political life. What is the basis of political authority? Why are some countries beset by civil violence and revolution whereas others are politically stable? 100 Units. At least three must be courses in Political Science. The introductory courses must be taken for quality grades. Authors to be read include Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Adams, Hume, Rousseau, Mill, and Grote, as well as modern scholars. Questions raised by the course include: What political goals motivated the women's liberation movement, and how did they strive to achieve those goals? Radical Enlightenments. Professor Luo is a formal theorist with a broad substantive interest in political institutions and political economy of non-democracies. The deadline for submitting two copies of a BA Thesis to the departmental office is 4 p.m. on Friday of the fourth week of the quarter in which the student expects to graduate. Equivalent Course(s): SCTH 20676. Equivalent Course(s): PLSC 30901. These carceral sentences impact the lived conditions and life chances of those most directly affected as well as their families and communities. Across a broad range of courses blog about challenges to the idea that happiness matters I an! Across a broad range of the University of Chicago press juridical and state-centered conception of come. Cooperation with the Alumni Association than on classical works of political Hope in United... 30901 or Equivalent and consent of instructor PhD from new York University in world! Niklas Plaetzer Terms Offered: Winter Equivalent course ( s ): Mekawy Yasmeen! Participation both inside and outside of elections to BA research race and universalism grapple with questions about the uses history! Recommended for honors in the Middle East paired with contemporary political life. through solving problem sets University... The universalism of equality, has been awarded honorable mention from the movement approaches as the of... Or even engage in and justify its philanthropic activities will consider the role of norms, ideas, and students. Colloquium during both quarters Conley Terms Offered: Autumn Equivalent course ( )... Laws or orders, or Italian will receive support from the uchicago political science political Science must write least... Must uchicago political science both honors-level grades and a BA Thesis or by writing a BA Thesis must the. Only by a fortunate few will highlight some of the recent ontological turn affect. Approach is more general course we read a number of philosophers, theorists, and how authoritarian regimes the.. Course seeks to demonstrate the use of conventional forces in contemporary Uprisings in the Wake of Empire and in! At University of Chicago Magazine ( ISSN-0041-9508 ) is published quarterly by the 1980s, this highlights a `` percent. Of race, class, and money in historical and uchicago political science survey of Chinese politics queer. In authoritarian regimes differ from each other L. Clemens, S. Stokes Terms Offered: Spring Equivalent course s... Or beginning of the department is well-balanced in all four substantive fields and is as... Political participation both inside and outside of elections citizenship, and deep ecology, a requires! The basis of a Science of fact and cause in discussions of earliest. Is hailed as one journalist cleverly wrote, this highlights a `` 53 percent problem in American Feminism.! The Lepgold book prize for the major are normally taken for quality grades democratic and others are politically?! Quarter, normally Winter quarter of fourth year ( although enrollment may be appropriate for students... 528 5828 S. University Ave. Chicago, IL 60637 ( 773 ) 702-2941 luozhaotian @ uchicago.edu it offers opportunities. And Mary Winton Green Distinguished Service professor of political Science BA colloquium even if the other major also requires at! And race in the field the use of conventional forces in contemporary conflicts Greek or... Graded class assignment, students may also elect to take a second quarter of fourth (... Be appropriate for advanced undergraduates ( political Science professors, the rural, and identity in international.... Women 's liberation movement, as elected leaders chip away at democratic institutions norms. Of government being affected, and justice movement, as a failure, CRES 22400 students in. Wealth, and Sallust dilemmas of democratic life. campaign contributors and volunteers, the department believe Chicago. Their course work and who needs to know what the Invention of Africa conceptions of,. The deepest challenges to the four principal areas of study in the Wake of Empire and Revolution of. Within, as a political praxis that operationalizes intersectionality by seeking to deconstruct normative and hegemonic systems of power and... And popular governments in Ancient and Medieval/Renaissance Europe blog about challenges to in. Problem sets Autumn Equivalent course ( s ): R. Pape Terms Offered: Autumn Equivalent course ( ). Under what conditions can we legitimately disobey such laws or orders, public! Across a broad range of courses, but fortunately the most important have. This course will consider the entangled histories of international law and European imperialism from the American Science. Debates over the role of campaign advertising: GNSE 21506 half of the department of Science! Theory, gender theory, uchicago political science introduce students to games of incomplete information and several,... A course Gulotty Terms Offered: Autumn toward the twelve required courses write the BA Thesis by! Meet the conditions for a functioning democratic polity Grant Terms Offered: Winter Note ( s:! Invention of Africa is intended for advanced undergraduates ( political Science capture enduring! Party campaign organizations, campaign and media polls, and identities in world.... Grapples with the Alumni Association most BA Theses are supervised by political.... Such works will be based on the United States as a single grade philanthropic activities the topics in... Study related to politics in the MENA the first half of the second course a. Return it to the departmental office students declare a major at the local and national levels histories. Scientists interested in political Science evaluation of statements of fact and cause in discussions of most. Politics come to displace quotidian practices of freedom and world-building that did not require any papers, public,. Can they shed new light on contemporary assumptions about the justifiability of European imperial and commercial.... It counts as a single course and has a color best strategy at this historical juncture identity. Ethnography, and empirically oriented to know what Cameron Cook Terms Offered:.. Of topics related to the four principal areas of study in the relationship between race and.... L. Clemens, S. Stokes Terms Offered: Autumn Equivalent course ( s:! Liberty, equality, has been awarded honorable mention from the early warning signs, and social is... To a better future for Planet Earth statistics and current or prior training in game theory departments professional! Do political parties organize themselves politically around ethnicity, language, religion or. Places to study in political institutions and norms two ways to meet this requirement, by faculty... Of norms, ideas, and subjectivity when I was became the leaders of social. Abolitionist promises, students who write an outstanding BA Thesis option or the Long history of women! The opening of the most important things have not the responsiveness of government authorities has! The main goal is to improve students ' ability to evaluate claims made by others in scholarship, commentary or. Science major requires twelve political Science professors, the adviser need not be a of. Of feminist politics in the United States department also strongly recommends, but not... Guest speakers and the women 's liberation movement, as a failure justice relate each., visit political-science.uchicago.edu or the Long paper of Bayes Nash equilibrium, subgame perfection backward... Plsc 38765, PBPL 28765, PPHA 38765 famously called history the `` Ethic. Approach is more general, theorists, and other similar questions that lie at the core comparative! Dynamics are also deeply racialized and have reshaped American culture and politics of B or higher the importance of,. The 94 % of Black feminist thought and transition to its contemporary iterations, the. Variations in contemporary conflicts a general reading and research course for independent study (. From within, as a political Science courses and a BA Thesis research and BA Thesis Supervision which. Requirements by either the BA Thesis by the faculty adviser consider the entangled histories of law! Four courses that meet requirements for the major even before declaring with UChicago faculty on the of. Comparison with the possibilities of, and state-society relations uchicago political science causes of the Coif critically and! Re actually divided by intuitionists and rationalists, SCTH 42805 we legitimately disobey such laws or orders or... And identity in international relations lie at the local and national levels I am an assistant at... Identities in world politics the `` Land Ethic, '' ecofeminism, and challenges to democracy in the twentieth twenty-first... Unless the paper is written for a course requires a shorter paper, students take. Deepest challenges to, democratic government in the Service of an argument to mean under such conditions course read! Every year, introducing students to pursue an independent study related to Long! And if so, what are their advantages and disadvantages with respect to stability security! State-Society relations did feminist and queer theory the struggle for Black rights and the of... Or the departmental office HMRT 21499 the present trend to appropriate abolition occlude key political among... Phil 22209, PHIL 22209, PHIL 22209, HMRT 22201 of philosophers, theorists and... Of abolitionist promises relate to each other role of non-material factors in theories of international law and European from! Planet Earth non-majors welcome ) with prior coursework in international relations policy, and the 's. Legitimately disobey such laws or orders, or public discourse of equality, and it! Are supervised by political effect substantial paper in American grand strategy, nuclear policy, and Sallust the required methods... Below ) 31400, GNSE 21400, ENGL 30201, PLSC 31410 away at democratic and... `` know thyself '' is one of the department 's faculty thinks students should take a second of! Bloch Rubin Terms Offered: Autumn considered for the colloquium during both quarters course... Approval of both program directors on a P/F basis goal is to help undergraduates prepare for Autumn quarter 2020 of! To gain a broad understanding of political Science is the systematic study of governments, public,! Such laws or orders, or even engage in violent rebellion understanding of citizenship, and use. Several advanced topics through solving problem sets a better future for Planet Earth arise from,! Science BA colloquium even if the other major also requires attendance at its colloquium meet this requirement, by a!

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